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Former Foster Updates!

We don’t have any fosters in the house right now, but I’m happy to share with you some recent updates!

Evergreen and Eskimo

Remember these two cuties?

Well, Monday evening I received an email from Denise, a foster coordinator at Best Friends, and she told me that Eskimo and Evergreen are doing well. They’ve reached their spay weight and were scheduled for their surgeries yesterday! Which means they will be available for adoption soon!

Whenever I think about Ear Muffs, I still get very sad. So, receiving this news about his two sisters was great to hear.

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Evergreen (front) and Eskimo waiting for their spay surgeries. (Photo courtesy of Best Friends L.A.)

This photo is from Monday, when they were brought back to the shelter from their other foster for their surgeries. Look how much Evergreen’s face has changed in the short time she’s left our house! Her snout looks much longer now.

Minnie (formerly Zest)

Now, I know you remember this adorable cat!

black cat

We only fostered Minnie, Zest at the time, for about a week before we took her to her forever home. I’ve received a few updates since then from her new mom, Shirley, and each one gets better and better!

To sum it up, though, Minnie and her new brother, Q (who’s a tripod), get along wonderfully. These photos and video prove it! Thanks to Shirley for sharing them.

black cat and ginger cat

black cat and ginger cat

If you’re in the Southern California area, Evergreen and Eskimo will be available for adoption soon! Can’t wait? Check out all of the adoptable cats available now at Best Friends Animal Society – Los Angeles!

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  1. What adorable and very happy foster success stories……….Ear Muffs didn’t make it but was very lucky to know love for a short time – it’s a wonderful gift!

    Hugs, Pam and Teddy too

  2. What a lovely video of Minnie and Q. He looks like a very loving big brother for her. I hope those 2 cuties, Evergreen and Eskimo soon get their forever homes.