Chatty Cats: One Last Chat with Harley

Harley: Mama, listen up! And take some notes.
Mama: ∗Grabs notebook∗ Ready!
Harley: Tell Sophie her purse is in the garage in the closet under the stairs behind the Christmas decorations in a box marked Donations. Continue reading “Chatty Cats: One Last Chat with Harley”

2020 – The Year of Sophie!

2019 was the year of Olive (at least according to my Instagram top 9 posts). But Sophie claimed the top spot for 2020! Olive is beside herself and no longer speaking to me. I told her that I have nothing to do with it. Her response was for me to simply stop posting photos of Sophie. To help ease Olive’s fall from the top spot, I pointed out that pretty much every top photo of Sophie shows her in a less than flattering light. Continue reading “2020 – The Year of Sophie!”

2019 – The Year of Olive!

Well, 2019 is about to end, and it’s always fun looking back at things that took place during the year. As many know, I post daily photos (with accompanying chats) on both Facebook and Instagram – and then post the week’s recap here on the blog each Friday. So, I thought I’d look back at the cats’ top-performing Instagram posts – and it turns out that 2019 is the Year of Olive!

  • Six of the top nine slots feature Miss Olive! (Of course, she’s not surprised.)
  • Dexter swooped in at the last minute to claim the number one spot. He literally received one more “like” than Olive’s photo. (Olive refuses to speak to him now.)
  • Sophie rounds out the top nine with two photos. (Olive can’t believe it!)
  • Woodrow has to share his lone photo with Olive. (She’s not sure if this is worse than Sophie’s two photos.)
  • Harley doesn’t make a single appearance. (Olive was a bit surprised by this, but then again, she can’t think of a photo of hers that doesn’t deserve to be included, so there’s just no room for him.)

Continue reading “2019 – The Year of Olive!”

Cats in the Catio

This past weekend, cat dad Ross cleaned out the catio that has been closed for winter. Winter in Southern California? I know, I know. But we had one of the rainiest winters here in recent memory. And with dust and debris, the catio got a little dirty.

As soon as the catio was back in business on Saturday, four out of five cats raced right into it. Ross picked up Harley and carried him to it…and Harley immediately ran back inside through the cat door. He’s just not into it. But Dexter, Olive, Sophie and Woodrow all love the catio. Continue reading “Cats in the Catio”

A Beautiful Tabby Tuesday

I want to share with you a beautiful portrait of Dexter that we received this week. We were contacted earlier this month to have a portrait painted for free in exchange for a shoutout on Instagram (which you can check out here) – but I thought our blog readers would want to see it as well! Continue reading “A Beautiful Tabby Tuesday”