Flashback Friday Photo Fun!

As I’m sure you realize, this Flashback Friday post is just an excuse to share cute cat photos. I thought it would be fun to show each cat during their first week in our house. The change is clearly more noticeable with the original Three Chatty Cats, as we found them each in various stages of kittenhood. Continue reading “Flashback Friday Photo Fun!”

Home Again: A Foster Cat’s Adoption Story #FosterFriday

cat silhouetteDear Mama,

Hi, it’s me, Harley. I’m happy to tell you that I’m finally home. It’s a different home…but it is a home. I know you’ve been worrying about me this past year. I’ve been worried, too. But I found a nice home to live in and I like the new humans very much.

It was a bit dicey there for a while, wasn’t it? Can you believe that I was adopted twice last year and returned both times? Living in those temporary homes was nothing like living with you and Pa. You two were the bestest that I could’ve ever asked for. I only wish we’d had more time together…eight years just wasn’t enough. After Pa died, I didn’t think I could be any sadder. But you warned me, Mama. You said you were getting up there in age and you might have to go keep Pa company. I really thought we’d be together forever. But sometimes forever doesn’t last. Continue reading “Home Again: A Foster Cat’s Adoption Story #FosterFriday”

Three Chatty Cats Turns Two!

It’s been two years since I started Three Chatty Cats back on January 20, 2016, which means that today is our second blogoversary! The blog evolved a bit this year, as I started fostering cats. So naturally, the blog had a lot of posts about our foster cats.

tabby cat and white cat
Dexter and Sophie get cozy.

Continue reading “Three Chatty Cats Turns Two!”