Kat’s Story, Part 3: Home Again

Today we learn the ending to Kat McCann’s Hurricane Katrina evacuation story. In Part 1, we met her two cats Blackie and GrisGris. In Part 2, we followed her evacuation from Louisiana to Georgia.

PLEASE BE AWARE that this story will be hard to read for animal lovers, as Kat does recount some of the awful things that occurred during the disaster. But in her story, there is also hope as she finds a new feline friend. Kat’s story reminds us of the importance of being prepared in case of a disaster.

Thank you for returning and finishing Kat’s story.

Home Again

By Kat McCann
Edited by Three Chatty Cats

After being in Georgia for about four weeks, we were finally told that my sister Jane’s neighborhood had power, and we decided to return to Louisiana. We arrived home on September 20, 2005. We came back to a much changed place. Destruction was everywhere! Continue reading “Kat’s Story, Part 3: Home Again”

Kat’s Story, Part 2: The Evacuation Begins

In Part 1 of Kat McCann’s story, we left off where Blackie and GrisGris were the two cats living with Kat. Today Kat shares with us the story of evacuating during Hurricane Katrina. On Thursday, we will learn the conclusion to her tale of survival.

I want to thank you for reading Kat’s story. These posts are longer than usual, but I personally found Kat’s story riveting and I hope you do, too.

The Evacuation Begins

By Kat McCann
Edited by Three Chatty Cats

2016-08-23_Silhouette05Three weeks before Hurricane Katrina hit in August 2005, my boyfriend at the time (who will remain unnamed) and I decided to move from our apartment. The one we were moving into turned out not to be ready for us in time. So, we put the bulk of our items in storage, and we stayed with our friends Nona, Karl and their dog Happy (not their real names).

We saw Katrina heading closer and joked about how we could stay in our storage unit, as it was above ground, climate controlled, and had a generator. Two days before the storm hit, Continue reading “Kat’s Story, Part 2: The Evacuation Begins”

Kat’s Story, Part 1: Blackie, GrisGris and Hurricane Katrina

A quick note: I have been planning this series of posts for a couple of months now to coincide with the anniversary of Hurricane Katrina. It just so happens that Louisiana is currently experiencing massive flooding. Graciously researched and provided by Kat McCann, I have included links to a few animal organizations at the bottom of this post in case you want to help. ~Rachel

Silhouette7.pngWhen Kat McCann and I first discussed the possibility of a post, it was initially to talk about her love for black cats. As she began to tell her story, it was obvious to me that she is clearly a cat lover, but that she had a unique experience, and fortunately she was willing to share it with me. And that extraordinary tale was when she evacuated during Hurricane Katrina with her two cats, with a third joining her shortly thereafter.

Kat told such an intriguing story that I have turned it into a series of three posts, presenting them during this month of August, which is the 11th anniversary of Hurricane Katrina, one of the worst natural disasters in the history of the United States. And also one that changed certain policies about Continue reading “Kat’s Story, Part 1: Blackie, GrisGris and Hurricane Katrina”