Smiling Paws Pets’ Expandable Soft-Sided Pet Carrier

Three Chatty Cats has worked with our friends over at Smiling Paws Pets on multiple product reviews. We have several of their litter mats throughout our house, their pet carrier and also their pet cube/bed. So, when they reached out to us to ask if we’d be interested in checking out the newly redesigned Expandable Soft-Sided Pet Carrier – we said of course! Continue reading “Smiling Paws Pets’ Expandable Soft-Sided Pet Carrier”

Chatty Cats: Handsome, Comfy and More!

Happy Friday! I hope you all had a nice week. I celebrated my birthday on Wednesday and was fortunate enough to have a once-in-a-lifetime experience. I had a five-course dinner at the super exclusive Club 33 that is located inside Disneyland. It’s a members-only restaurant and lounge (with a rumored 10-15 year waiting list to join) – and the annual membership dues range from a jaw-dropping $12,500 to $30,000! The only way to dine at the restaurant is to know a member. And no, I don’t know a member, but I know someone who knows someone. It was a fantastic evening with friends and one I will never forget. Continue reading “Chatty Cats: Handsome, Comfy and More!”

Chatty Cats: Snoozies, Deep Thoughts and More!

Happy Friday! We had another quiet week here at the Three Chatty Cats household. Cat dad Ross was away at a conference. I think Sophie missed him, but the other cats took advantage of his spot being empty on the bed. He’s home now and all is right in the world for Miss Sophie.

Here’s what the cats were up to this week. Continue reading “Chatty Cats: Snoozies, Deep Thoughts and More!”

Chatty Cats: TGIF, Conflicted and More!

Happy Friday! We hope everyone had a nice week. Not a lot going on around here…besides the cats being chatty, of course. Our biggest highlight of the week was receiving Miss Ellen’s adorable new book (I Am Not A Skunk) from Amazon! Sophie insists that I read it to her every night before bed. Sometimes twice! Continue reading “Chatty Cats: TGIF, Conflicted and More!”