There’s an Intruder in the House! #sundayswithsophie

Sophie here! I thought this was going to be a restful and relaxing weekend. But that never seems to be the case in our household. Turns out Mom and Pops welcomed another intruder to our house yesterday!

I knew something was up when they left early in the morning to go somewhere…they muttered something about “beating traffic” or some human nonsense. They came back a little bit later with this tiny black ball of fur.

black cat with toy

Meet Zest

Mom can’t stop gushing about how cute this “baby” is. Looks like I need to turn up the cuteness factor to remind her that I’m the baby of the house!

Anyway, this new foster cat is named Zest and she’s estimated to be one year and seven months old. And she’s only four pounds! I can eat four pounds for dinner! Mom calls her my complete opposite – all black and oh-so-petite. I’m all white and…not-so-petite, I guess. Must I remind Mom that it’s called a primordial pouch?!? I am not fat!

A Word from Mom

Rachel here. Thank you, Sophie, for that intro to little Miss Zest. It’s true, we brought home another foster cat. When we dropped off Eskimo and Evergreen at Best Friends on Wednesday, I mentioned to Samantha, the Cat Behavior & Enrichment Lead, that I’d seen her video of Zest earlier. She quickly asked if Ross and I wanted to meet her, which of course we did.

We were this close to bringing Zest home with us that night, but I hadn’t cleaned and disinfected the foster room yet, and I just wasn’t ready. But I couldn’t stop thinking about little Zest. When we met her, she was so tiny, a little timid, but accepted pets. And, she’s blind! Zest has cataracts that I assume are congenital, considering she is under two years old.

black cat
There’s no flash with this picture. That’s her cataracts that you see.
black cat with cataracts
Here’s another shot that shows her cataracts.

When Zest arrived at Best Friends, it was apparent that she had likely given birth recently. Poor baby! Only a four-pound mama cat (hey, please spay and neuter your pets!). We were told that all of her kittens passed away and she shut down, not wanting to eat. I think all this happened before she arrived at Best Friends (they pull cats from other Los Angeles city shelters).

Since I couldn’t stop thinking about Zest, we drove up first thing Saturday morning to pick her up and foster her.

black cat
Exploring the foster room.

Zest is such a delight! She is a master biscuit maker, super playful, over-the-top lovey and just plain adorable. She will be adopted so quickly. In fact, I hear through the grapevine that someone is already interested in her! So, I don’t know how long she’ll be with us. But I’m glad she already has interest because she clearly screams foster fail.

black cat
She looks like a kitten!

While it is obvious that Zest is visually impaired, I don’t think she is completely blind. She doesn’t bump into things, but she does startle easily if she doesn’t see you coming. And she sometimes pounces on her toys and misses. She’s also a little clumsy when jumping down. But overall, she has been navigating the room just fine.

Here’s a video of Zest playing and exploring the foster room.

Again, not sure how long we’ll have her, but she will be so much fun while here!

(I thought this was called Sundays with Sophie! How dare Mom take over my post!)

Sundays with Sophie

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28 thoughts on “There’s an Intruder in the House! #sundayswithsophie

  1. Aww, thanks Sophie for letting mom tell us about Zest. Hope she has her forever home soon but she will be lived in the meantime.

  2. OMC She is a cutey. There’s no way we could’a brought her home, cuz there’s no way mommy would’a ever let her go again. MOL Big hugs

    Luv ya’

    Dezi and Raena

  3. Sophie, nice introduction to your new intruder. Zest is utterly adorable. I can easily see a foster fail happening! But I’m sure she’ll be adopted in no time!

  4. Little Zest is adorable! Blind? Schmind. She doesn’t care. Hope that home comes through cos you’re gonna wind up as a cat hoarder if you keep fostering and failing. MOL!

  5. She is a sweet furball. I believe Kali has trouble seeing…she is clumsy and does odd things like she can’t quite see items. However, if she takes her time she is very good with seeing the items. She does startle easily. A real challenge for a cat unable to see completely.


  6. Zest is a real beauty ! She seems to follow the ball in the track pretty well, so she can probably see a bit – maybe peripherally. She is a real winner ! Purrs.

  7. What a sweetheart! Yes I can imagine Zest as a foster fail easily – good thing she is already “spoken” (or at least “thought”) for :)

    Lucky little one to have the chance to stay with you in the interim :)

  8. So precious and thank you Sophie for sharing what you have with someone who has obviously had little. I’m on another continent and she has already wiggled into my heart. She will be hard to let go of. Thank you for your courage and giving her the love she has been waiting for.

  9. She can still be a foster fail…just don’t let anyone else adopt her! And Sophie, no worries…your size and color doesn’t matter when talking to the loved one’s heart!

  10. She’s so cute! If I could, I would totally add her to our pride! I’m a sucker for cats with disabilities. When I got Blackie I almost adopted a cats that had been run over. Sadly, my lifestyle at the moment didn’t allow me the time I needed to care for him. Don’t regret getting Blackie, though. :-)

  11. Awwww Sophie, thank mew fur introducing Zest, she looks such a beautiful little kitty and we’re sure she’ll thrive with all of mew! We know she’s in great paws now!

    Big hugs to mew all

    Basil & Co xox

  12. What a sweet little girl. So much has happened in her young life. Fostering with Chatty Cats and their people has to be a highlight!
    Maggie, Mickey Mouser and Rufus the Red

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