Zest Goes Home!

Well, that was fast! I had just introduced you to Zest last week, but I knew that she wouldn’t be with us in foster for long, as she’s just too darn cute! That, and someone texted with interest in her the very first day we brought her home. So, we enjoyed Zest’s short stay while it lasted…and completely fell in love with her.

black cat

Because her new mom is local to us, I offered to drive Zest to her new home, which is exactly what Ross and I did over the holiday weekend. Having never delivered a cat to her forever home before, I wasn’t sure what to expect. But let me tell you, Zest has found her perfect forever home!

Zest and Q

We stayed with Zest for about an hour and a half, chatting with Zest’s new mom (Shirley), and watching Zest settle in. Zest has a new brother as well! Shirley had previously adopted a cat from Best Friends Animal Society – Los Angeles, so now Zest will get to romp around with Q – a tripod cat whose foster/adoption story you can watch here. Shirley makes an appearance toward the end. (It’s definitely worth the watch!)

Q and Zest are very close in age, Q about 1.5 yo and Zest 1 year and seven months. They will be best buds in no time at all.

Here are two shots of Zest in her new home while we were still with her. We brought her blanket from our house so she’d feel comfortable. And coincidentally, Shirley has the same ball track toy that Zest loved playing with at our house.

Letting Go

Giving up Zest was extremely hard (there may have been a tear or two shed in private), and I’ll admit that I wanted to foster fail. But there is no point in foster failing when there’s an adopter ready to go (and a perfect one at that!). I will miss her terribly, though…Zest was so playful and loving, feisty and silly, and a purr-filled lap cat!

An Update!

Shirley, who is the sweetest woman, has already sent us an update. The first evening, she advised that Zest walked around her new domain, napped and was closely watched by her new brother Q. The second update I received just last night, and it included this picture of Q and Zest checking each other out. Shirley said they’re already wrestling together and having fun!

ginger cat and black cat
Zest with her new brother Q.

Also, Zest not only has a new home, but she also has a new name! Shirley was thinking about calling her Minnie, which Ross and I thought was perfect for her (remember, she’s only four pounds!). But her grandson wanted to name her Rosie. So, Zest is now Minnie Rose. A perfect name for a perfect kitty!

One Last Thing

Zest (I mean Minnie) is clearly not blind, as initially suspected at the shelter. She never bumped into anything at our house. The only real clue that she may have a hard time seeing was when she’d climb down from my lap. She’d go slow, reaching her feet out until they touched the ground, kind of sliding down off my lap. It’s more like she just has a depth perception issue.

Okay, one more one last thing…Here are a couple clips of Zest playing while in foster with us. The last clip I call her lazy playing.

Zest, you will be missed! But I know you’re in your perfect home with your perfect new name!

black cat
Zest hard at work napping.

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25 thoughts on “Zest Goes Home!

  1. Congratulations! And happy tales, Minnie. That’s pirate foster Dixie’s biggest challenge; jumping down from things. And she often lands harder than a cat usually would. Maybe Minnie is blind — or visually impaired — in just one eye, affecting her depth perception.

  2. Such wonderful news Rachel! So happy she found her perfect home so quickly. Keep doing what you’re doing. You’re a much bigger woman than I’ll ever be. ( I’m writing this through tears – happy ones for Minnie Rose & sad ones for you). 💗

  3. My one-eyed cat Gracie has depth perception issues. It took her a few months here until she got to know the lay of the land. Now she races around without the tripping and occasional bonk into a wall! Cats are so good at adapting.

  4. Geeze, this made ME cry! I am sooooo happy for “Zest” (Minnie Rose), I love that you drove her there, (maybe you can visit her?) So great that she has a sibling to love too!!! I am sooooo happy that the woman who adopted her is wonderful! May they have many, many happy and healthy years together!!!

  5. It’s a wonderful fairy tale ending for beautiful panther girl Minnie Rosie. She’s beautiful and will have a happy life no doubt with her brother Q and her new Mom Shirley. She looks TOTALLY RELAXED which is “the sign”. Bless you for fostering her even though it turned out to be a short time.

    Hugs, Teddy

  6. Minnie Rose is adorable; yay that she’s in a great home with a playmate! That’s quite the Halloween set up there; orange kitty and black kitty! I have NO depth perception, so I know how Minnie feels.

  7. I am so glad Minnie has found her loving forever home. Thank you for fostering her until her forever Mom came along. Hope that sometime in the future we might see pictures of Minnie snd her brother Q. ❤️🐾

  8. Awwww, what a precious sweetie she is. Of course, I’m a little partial to black cats. I think we have 9 or 10 now.
    I couldn’t be a foster. It would be too hard to give them up.
    When we took in a pregnant black mama (one from a litter born outside) – a black one and so were her six babies – I put my foot down and said we’d have to find homes for some of them. Until a friend of a friend messaged me a few weeks later saying she was interested in one of the kittens.
    MY kittens?
    You want one of MY kittens?
    …and all seven are still here in the house with us today LOL
    I’m glad you got some updates on Minnie Rose. I’m sure that must of helped.
    Thanks for sharing your story with us.

  9. She is just the sweetest little thing…and I love her new name. It’s purrfect for her, just like her new forever home. (Although I must say I wouldn’t have minded seeing her stay with you!)

  10. Zest aka Minnie is such a sweetie and her forever home sounds terrific. Quint is totally adorable and that video made the heart smile. Good job FosterMama!

  11. We’re so happy for Minnie (nee Zest) and her new family. She and Q are going to be the bestest pals real soon. :)

    Great job with the fostering, Rachel. You rock!

  12. Oh wow we’re so happy fur Minnie aka Zest, we saw the FB post and we were cheering – WOOOO HOOO Minnie WAY TO GO HOME!!!!

    This is such great news, we’re delighted fur mew all

    Big hugs

    Basil & Co xox

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