Shelter Pet Photos #RememberMeThursday

In honor of Remember Me Thursday, I thought I’d share some photos I’ve taken of shelter pets. If you’re not aware, Remember Me Thursday is the fourth Thursday of every September, and it’s meant to shine a light on orphan pets in shelters and rescues that are waiting for their forever homes. The goal is to get the whole world talking about shelter pets and pet adoption on social media!

Remember Me Thursday

Will you be shining a light today on shelter pets?

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A Gentle Thanksgiving at The Gentle Barn

For Thanksgiving this year, I attended an annual event called A Gentle Thanksgiving that is hosted by The Gentle Barn, a sanctuary that rescues animals from severe abuse and neglect. While it’s mostly farm animals, they have also rescued and cats and dogs.

The Gentle Barn logo

The Gentle Barn, which opened its first sanctuary in California in 1999, now has a total of three locations: Santa Clarita, California (where we visited); Knoxville, Tennessee; and St. Louis, Missouri. They consider themselves more than just an animal rescue and sanctuary. Founder Ellie Laks promotes protecting the planet, connecting people with nature, and helping both animals and children alike – ultimately moving toward peace on earth.

“Teaching People Kindness and Compassion to Animals, Each Other and our Planet.”

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Best Friends Su-Purrr Adoption

This past weekend, Ross and I volunteered at the Best Friends Su-Purrr Adoption event in Los Angeles. It was the group’s first ever cat and kitten focused event. Best Friends hosted several NKLA Coalition Partners (rescue groups in Southern California who are part of the No-Kill Los Angeles initiative) and over 300 cats and kittens were available for adoption. Continue reading “Best Friends Su-Purrr Adoption”

Clicking into Action with Cat Pawsitive Pro

You may recall that I’ve written about Cat Pawsitive before, the clicker training initiative for shelter cats. Well, some exciting things have taken place since the 2017 program wrapped up last year. And the current 2018 Spring semester is already well underway!

Jackson Galaxy Project

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Caring for Cats Displaced by Hurricane Harvey: An Interview with Samantha Bell

The Sunday after Hurricane Harvey made landfall in Texas, Samantha Bell, Cat Behavior & Enrichment Lead at Best Friends Animal Society in Los Angeles, was called into her manager’s office, who started out with, “You know how Best Friends is helping with Hurricane Harvey…?”

woman and tabby cat
Samantha and cat Jessica Lange

Best Friends Animal Society, which has helped in disaster areas before, would be going to Texas to rescue animals in and around the storm-ravaged zones. While going to Houston was not mandatory, Best Friends needed to send two or three Los Angeles staff members to Texas, and Samantha knew immediately that she wanted to go.

Best Friends had staff on the ground in Texas on August 28th, shortly after the hurricane hit. The Los Angeles team deployed to Houston about one week later, once the organization knew where help was needed most. Continue reading “Caring for Cats Displaced by Hurricane Harvey: An Interview with Samantha Bell”