About Three Chatty Cats

Rachel (that’s me) is cat mama to the Three Chatty Cats. My love for everything cats (and writing) inspired me to start this blog.

In the beginning, I kept Three Chatty Cats focused on rescues and individuals doing their part to help cats, which I will continue to feature. But I’ve found that some of my most popular content has been about my cats…probably because my readers love cats! I decided that a little bit of variety was in order, so you will also see posts written from my three cats – Dexter, Olive and Sophie – who inspired this blog.

Since starting the blog, we’ve also welcomed foster cats into the house, so there will be plenty of posts about fostering as well.

I truly hope that we can save them all – and I want to do my part by bringing about awareness through profiling rescues and rescuers, while also having fun blogging about my three (chatty) cats! (Whoops, it’s four now!) Thank you for supporting us on our blogging journey!

Happy Reading! ~Rachel

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white cat in scratcherSophie here, the cutest, sweetest and most humble of the cats. I’ve been giving Mom a hard time because she started a blog called Three Chatty Cats, but she rarely ever shares anything about us – the actual cats! I was finally able to convince Mom that she needs to blog more about us three cats (and by that, I mean mostly me). We should have our own space to share our profound thoughts and reflections as well as our squee-worthy pictures.

We are super excited to start sharing our thoughts with you. But before that, I’m going to give you a bit of background on us, since many of you may not know a thing about us cats. For which I blame Mom.

Chatty Cat #1 – Dexter

First, I present to you our big brother Dexter. He’s my best friend (haha to you, Olive). I love him very much and I’m pretty sure he loves me back. Here’s what you need to know about Dexter.

tabby cat

tabby cat with bow tieName: Dexter (he’s a boy cat)
Date of Birth: June 1, 2010 (Mom’s estimate for him)
Date of Rescue: June 20, 2010 (it was Father’s Day!)
Rescue Synopsis: Dexter was found as a three-week-old kitten in Palm Desert, California on a 100+ degree day!
Likes: Shredding Kleenex, sneaking into the garage, cuddling with me and Olive (separately, of course), looking grumpy, and eating my special diet food. He’s also a master groomer of the highest order.
Dislikes: Everything else – and I mean everything!
Known For: Crying loudly in the morning until Mom gets up to feed us. He’s the shyest of us three cats. And hey, I heard that Dexter is the favorite of some blog readers. I’m not sure what that’s about!
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Chatty Cat #2 – Olive

Next, I will tell you about my evil sister, Olive. I say she’s evil, but she’s not so bad. I like to give her a hard time because she hisses at me all the time. I mean all. the. time. I know I’m the kid sister, but shouldn’t Olive be nice to me every once in a while? Anyway, here’s Olive’s stuff. Blabbity, blah, blah.

tortie cat

tortie catName: Olive (she’s a girl cat)
Date of Birth: April 7, 2011 (Mom’s just guessing)
Date of Rescue: June 7, 2011
Rescue Synopsis: Olive was found by asphalt workers outside the house, approximately eight weeks old at the time.
Likes: Lasers, treats and sitting in boxes.
Dislikes: Me! And being picked up. She absolutely hates that.
Known For: Being a loner, begging for treats, spending all day in her gargantuan size box, being my arch-nemesis, growling at poor me, hissing at innocent me, swiping at sweet little me after I chase her down the hallway – I just don’t get it! Must be that famous tortitude I always hear about.
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Chatty Cat #3 – Sophie

So, that just leaves ME! The beautiful, smart, charming Sophie. I’m the baby of the family, which means I’m always innocent. I always never get into trouble. The humans never find me on the counter or pulling Q-tips out of the trash. Never!

white cat

white cat with toyName: Sophie Zee Kitty (I’m a girl cat, but not a girlie-girl cat)
Date of Birth: May 29, 2014 (I won’t tell the real date)
Date of Rescue: November 29, 2014
Rescue Synopsis: I was found outside a movie theater by security guards who (easily) guilt-tripped Mom into taking me home. (“We called animal control and you know what will happen to her at the pound!”) I also did my part and batted my baby blue eyes at her. I was about six months old at the time.
Likes: FOOD! And FOOD!
Dislikes: Nothing, except for Olive. (And Eddie.)
Known For: Stealing straws, stealing bottle caps, terrorizing Olive, being the goofball of the family, occasionally getting into a bit of trouble, loving on Pops, chattering to Mom, basically being perfect.
Read Sophie’s full rescue story

UPDATE! New cat alert!

It’s me, Sophie again! I had to come back and update you that Mom and Pops adopted a new cat! And NO! I wouldn’t let her rename the blog to be Four Chatty Cats. But I thought the least I could do is tell you about our new bro, Woodrow!

tabby cat

tabby catName: Woodrow (another boy cat!)
Date of Birth: October 10, 2012
Date of Adoption: August 12, 2017
Adoption Synopsis: Woodrow started out as Lion, a foster cat here at Hotel Three Chatty Cats. After a week or two, we resident cats heard whisperings from Mom and Pops about keeping him. Gasp! They made it official after a couple of months of fostering.
Likes: Catnip (who doesn’t?) and lounging in laps.
Dislikes: Touching the tip of his tail (it’s crooked).
Known For: Laying in sunpuddles, chasing Olive and taunting Dexter. The latter two which result in scratches on his nose every so often.

Each of us with Mom (a.k.a Rachel)

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  1. Awwww…such cutie cats! They are each beautiful and your photos capture their darling personalities. Also, a special woohoo to you on being selected for the BlogPaws Nose-to-Nose awards. Wishing you all the best in May and many more blogging successes in the future!

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