tabby cat in a stroller

Why You Should Consider Taking Your Cat Outside in a Pet Stroller

If you’re like me and have indoor-only cats, you’re probably always looking for ways to enrich their lives. And for a while now, I’ve wanted to try a stroller with my cat Dexter. Of my four cats, I was pretty sure he would like it since he is the one who most enjoys going outside with a harness and leash.

So, it was perfect timing when FunnyFuzzy offered us their pet stroller to try out. Today, I’ll go over why you may want to consider a pet stroller for your indoor cat and what to consider when selecting one. Then, I’ll review the FunnyFuzzy stroller to see how Dexter liked it.

Disclosure: We received the Multifunctional 2-in-1 Aluminum Alloy Pet Stroller from FunnyFuzzy for free in exchange for an honest review. All opinions stated here are our own. Three Chatty Cats only shares information we feel would be relevant to our readers. This post contains affiliate links. This means that, at zero cost to you, I will earn an affiliate commission if you click through the link and finalize a purchase.

tabby cat in a pet stroller
Dexter enjoying the outdoors in his pet stroller.

Why Use a Stroller to Take Your Cat Outside

To begin, let’s consider why you should take your indoor cat outside in the first place.

Some indoor-only cats may struggle with boredom from an unchanging environment. Allowing them outside, even in a stroller, will offer them mental stimulation and help reduce boredom. This could also alleviate stress. The outdoor time will allow your cat to hear new sounds and smell new scents, keeping their mind engaged and active. It also offers a fun bonding experience with you.

Another way to let your cat explore outside is with a harness and leash. And while the goal of any cat-specific harness is to be escape-proof, a pet-specific stroller offers that extra layer of safety and peace of mind, which may be the answer that you, as the cat parent, need to start taking your cat outside.

tabby cat in FunnyFuzzy Pet Stroller
Woodrow tests out the stroller while Sophie inspects it from below.

Things to Consider When Selecting a Pet Stroller

Now that we know why going outside may benefit your cat, let’s check out what you should look for in a good pet stroller.

How big is the carrier and overall stroller?

Consider the size of both the carrier portion and the fully assembled stroller. Are both adequate sizes? Will the carrier portion be big enough for your cat? Or is it too big, and your cat may want a smaller space to feel secure? Does the stroller seem easy to maneuver in and out of a car, or is it a bit bulky?

Is the carrier portion detachable?

Detachable vs. non-detachable pet stroller – which one do you want? While having a detachable carrier portion seems handy, not all pet strollers have this feature.

FunnyFuzzy Pet Stroller with carrier detached

We don’t have any adventure cats at our house, so easy walks around the block or at a neighborhood park are the most we’d do. So, a detachable pet stroller would be fine for us.

But if you plan on going on hikes, jogging off-road, or heading to a sandy beach with your cat, there are strollers geared toward those higher-impact activities, and some of those strollers don’t have a detachable carrier, making the stroller more sturdy and safe for your cat.

Is assembly required? Does it fold easily?

Again, this will depend on your use of the stroller. Some come pretty much fully assembled, while others will need minor assembly, like affixing handles and wheels or perhaps putting together the carrier portion.

You’ll also want to consider how often you’ll use the stroller, where you can store it, and how easy it is to transport in a car. So, consider if it folds up or becomes more compact for transport/storage.

FunnyFuzzy Pet Stroller

How comfortable is the stroller? (for both you and the cat)

  • Is the carrier portion lined and padded?
  • Is there a suitable “window” for your cat to see out?
  • Can you partially open the carrier for your cat if they’re tethered inside?
  • Are the wheels shock absorbent?
  • Is the stroller easy to push?
  • Do the handles have padding?
  • Does the stroller have extra storage?
  • Is it lightweight enough to easily lift in and out of a car?

What safety features does it have?

  • What kind of closing/locking mechanisms does the stroller have?
  • Are the zippers high quality?
  • Is there mesh lining that’s breathable for your cat?
  • Does the carrier portion feel sturdy when detached?
  • Does the stroller have a built-in tether to attach to your cat’s harness?
  • Can you lock the stroller wheels?

Multifunctional 2-in-1 Aluminum Alloy Pet Stroller

Now that we’ve looked at what to consider when purchasing a pet stroller for your cat, let’s look at the FunnyFuzzy pet stroller specifically.

tabby cat sitting in pet stroller
Woodrow getting used to the pet stroller inside.

Here are the FunnyFuzzy pet stroller’s features:

  • Detachable carrier
  • Mesh pet window for the cat to see out
  • Ultra-light aluminum alloy frame
  • 360° shock-absorbing front wheels
  • One-foot lockable brake on back wheels
  • Storage area below carrier
  • Removable pad in carrier
  • Safety tether inside carrier
  • Quick-folding for easy storage or transport
  • Arrives mostly assembled (I just had to pop on the wheels and unfold the carrier)

Overall, I’d say this pet stroller meets the considerations I think are important. Since we’re not off-roading with our cats, I like that the carrier is detachable. It’s also easy to fold and unfold. Check out this video to see how easy it is!

Easy one-handed folding and unfolding.

Here are the dimensions of the pet stroller:

The carrier portion sits 17.72 inches from the ground, with the top of the carrier at 29.53 inches above the ground. It’s not a bulky stroller and could easily fit folded up into a compact car.

Fully assembled stroller
39.37″ tall from wheels to handle
22.44″ from front wheel to back wheel

Detachable carrier
18.5″ deep x 11.81″ wide
20.08″ tall (to the top of the dome cover)

Folded stroller with carrier removed
22.44″ tall x 17.32″ wide x 10.24″ deep

Note that this pet stroller is good for taking one adult cat outside at a time. I would caution trying to take two adult cats out together unless they’re pretty small. Dexter is about 12 pounds. And while another cat could technically fit inside with him, it wouldn’t be very roomy for them.

Did Dexter Like the Pet Stroller?

Dexter is our oldest cat, a senior at 14 years old. While he’s our most timid cat when it comes to strangers, he’s a very curious cat about everything else. He enjoys going outside on a harness and leash, unlike our other cats. So, I thought Dexter would be a good candidate for a cat stroller. And he did well! He enjoyed our outing and wasn’t scared by the stroller or the movement.

Every cat is different, though, and I will need to work up slowly to bring any of our other cats outside. I know our tortie Olive will be a no, so I won’t even attempt it with her. But Woodrow already hangs out in the open stroller inside the house. So, I know he likes the carrier portion. We’ll work on small movements later before heading outside.

tabby cat sitting in pet stroller and yawning
Woodrow says, “Let’s go!”

Did I Like the Pet Stroller? (as the cat parent)

I did! It required very little assembly. I just had to put the wheels on and then unfold the carrier, locking some metal rods in place to keep the carrier unfolded. It’s easy to snap the carrier in place on the base and also remove it for storage. The pet stroller glides and turns easily, and I like the one-foot wheel lock. I also like that you can see your cat inside the stroller while you’re pushing it, so you can judge their comfort level.

Honestly, I have nothing to compare this pet stroller to, since it’s our first one. But overall, I like it. It’s perfect for a walk around the block or at the park. I would not take it on a long hike or on a dirt path, though. But for our intended use, it’s great.

woman pushing cat stroller on a walk
Enjoying our stroll.

Where to Buy the FunnyFuzzy Pet Stroller

You can purchase the FunnyFuzzy pet stroller on their website. At the time of this writing, FunnyFuzzy has three discount codes available directly on their website, which would apply to the stroller as well as other items.

FunnyFuzzy offers a whole host of products for pet parents, from pet beds and couch covers to pet carriers and interactive toys. Visit

tabby cat wearing pink harness looking out of cat stroller
Dexter directing the way.

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  1. I like the look and size of that stroller AND it sure looks like Dexter approved of it. It looks like an “uncomplicated” vehicle too and the detachable carrier is a nice feature. I’m not sure about Teddy liking it as he is used to walks in our yard with both of us snoopervising vs. being IN something and being taken somewhere (no control!). He’s also huge compared to Dexter…..he actually might not even fit in that compact stroller. We do think it’s a wonderful option for those with cats who love being outside.

    Hugs, Pam and Teddy

  2. Our development does not have sidewalks and the roads are hilly so I wouldn’t think about it. Our cats do miss the screened porch at our last house where they could watch and smell all the wildlife. There was a chipmunk that would run around the outside perimeter taunting them. It gave them good exercise! :)

  3. We’ve had cats in the past who we think would have enjoyed a stroller, but we are not so sure Ava would be as thrilled. How nice that Dexter had a good time! :)