Chatty Cats: Introoders, Mischief and More!

Happy Friday, friends! Did you see our post yesterday – Pro Tips for Adopting a Shelter Cat (from a former shelter cat!) – for #RememberMeThursday? If not, please check it out. Woodrow is very excited to share his pro tips with you! And, it’s also the Remember Me Thursday blog hop link up post! You can either link up there or over at Lola the Rescued Cat. We hope a lot of bloggers will write about Remember Me Thursday and then link up to the blog hop.

In other news, Ross and I are off for a quick getaway today, so our cat sitter is staying at the house this weekend. Although the cats may seem upset that we’re leaving, they love the cat sitter and told me they call her That Treat Lady.

Here’s what the cats were chatting about this past week.

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Chatty Cats: Chompers, Decisions and More!

We made it to Friday – that deserves a woohoo! (Woohoo!) It’s felt like a long week, although I’m not really sure why. But I’m definitely happy that Friday has arrived. Let’s see what the cats have been chatting about this week.

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Chatty Cats: Grooming, Booping and More!

Happy Friday, friends! We’re almost at the weekend, which is turning out to be a cat-filled one for us. Tomorrow, we’re visiting Orange County’s first cat cafe – Catmosphere Laguna! And you can bet I’ll be posting about it later.

And then on Sunday, Ross and I are volunteering at the latest Best Friends Super Adoption event! So far, all of the Best Friends adoption events have been held in Los Angeles County. This is their first venture outside of L.A. – they’re heading to Riverside in the Inland Empire to help reach more people in Southern California.

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Chatty Cats: Piggies, Disappointment and More!

We’ll be a bit of an empty house today. Three cats have dental cleanings! Olive, Sophie and Woodrow are off to the vet this morning. Poor Olive, an unplanned vet appointment last Friday and now a planned one today. I’ll be dropping them off at 7:00 this morning and will likely be able to pick them up around 3:00 or 4:00 in the afternoon. They’ll be plenty mad at me. Well, at least Olive anyway. I’m pretty sure that Woodrow thinks Ross and I can do no wrong. And Sophie will just think it’s a fun adventure.

Here’s what the cats were chatting about this past week!

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Chatty Cats: Raises, Tummies and More!

After dropping off the foster kittens earlier this week, the resident cats were happy to have their cat room back. They insist it’s not a foster room. Except that both Woodrow and Harley used it as a foster room when they first arrived here. So really, they should understand that it may be occupied occasionally.

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