Chatty Cats: Tacos, Shopping and More!

Happy Friday! Two notable things happened this week. First, I made a Target run on Sunday for the first time in over 4 months! I have not been inside a retail or grocery store since March 22nd. I felt fine in the store (everyone was in a mask), but since I really can get everything delivered, I likely won’t go for another 4 months, haha. The second (and more important) thing…Ross and I celebrated our 15th wedding anniversary on Wednesday! Maybe saying “celebrated” is too big a word, if you know what I mean. #pandemicanniversary #nowheretogo

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Chatty Cats: Dresses, Superpowers and More!

Happy Friday! As some may have seen on Facebook, we took Sophie to the vet this week for an allergy spot on her side. She came home in a cone and looked quite adorable. (And her allergy spot is already clearing up nicely!) That was our outing for the week. Exciting, no?

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Chatty Cats: Goodbyes, Handsome and More!

Well, we’ve arrived at another Friday. I hesitate to say my usual “Happy Friday” because of the news I have to share. We said goodbye to Eddie last week. Here’s what I shared on Facebook over the weekend:

Eddie ran off to the rainbow bridge on Friday. He shared 17 years of his life with us and was our first pet. Eddie played big brother to three cats — and more recently tolerated our last two additions. We adopted Eddie on June 22, 2003. We said goodbye on July 3, 2020. He had a long, full life – and we miss him terribly. RIP, Eddie. (Grass photo is one week after we adopted him. Bow tie photo is after one of his last grooming sessions this year.)

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Chatty Cats: Cuties, Grumps and More!

Happy Friday! This week seemed long even though it’s a short work week here in the U.S. for many (since today is the observed holiday for Independence Day). I’m definitely looking forward to a nice, long and hopefully relaxing weekend. How about you?

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