two foster kittens

The Kittens Have Left the Building

Well, I’m disappointed to let you know that we took the kittens back to Best Friends yesterday. They weren’t gaining weight and had little interest in food. And during this critical development time, it’s important that they are gaining each day. The kittens are six weeks old, but they are the weight of four-week-old kittens.

foster kittens in their playpen
The kittens in their playpen. That’s Larry watching over them.

I thought at first that perhaps the decrease in weight was due to the fact that they now had an entire foster room to romp around in (and romp they did!) instead of being cooped up in a kennel at the shelter. So, it was suggested that we limit their out-of-pen playtime.

But they continued to lose weight and they just weren’t that interested in food. I tried both wet and dry, several brands, spoon feeding, syringe feeding, etc. But alas, I wasn’t successful. They did eat – just not enough to gain weight.

cute foster kittens exploring their room
Exploring the foster room.

And to top it off, two of the kittens had diarrhea, so we thought it was best for them to go back to Best Friends before anything became an emergency. If I lived closer to the shelter, I would’ve tried to care for them longer. But because of what happened last time with our previous litter of foster kittens, I’m overly cautious. Last time, we were stuck in rush hour traffic for over two hours with a fading kitten.

This litter of kittens was playful and alert their entire stay with us. I just wish they had an appetite! I think Ross and I will stick with adult foster cats for now. We’ll be away for a short time next month, so we’ll get an adult foster when we return.

Cute As Can Be

I took a lot of photos and videos in the short time that the kittens were here with us. So, I’d like to end on a positive note and show off these cuties! I know they’ll be just fine and are in great hands at Best Friends. I’m sure they’ll go to another foster home as well. Perhaps one that’s closer to the shelter.

cute ginger foster kitten playing
Buster investigates a toy.
cute black and white foster kitten
Casper looking just plain adorable.
adorable calico foster kitten playing
Zip learns to scratch.
pretty calico foster kitten
Callie claiming the incline scratcher.
two calico foster kittens playing
Zip says, “Not so fast, Callie! I want it!”
adorable ginger foster kitten
Handsome Buster
cute black and white foster kitten playing
Casper learning to climb.

Hello, Kittens!

I shared this video on Facebook and Instagram yesterday. Volume up to enjoy it!

Curious Kittens

sniff sniff

Sleepy Kittens

“You’re getting sleepy…”

I’ll update you on the kittens when I hear more!

adorable sleeping ginger foster kitten
Buster says, “Bye for now!”

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  1. Bless you for having the little ones in the first place – they got more human exposure, learned how to play, climb and enjoy toys…..I’m sure their next foster home will benefit from the beginning you gave these cuties. I also hope that when they DO get a “forever home”, it will be HOME SWEET HOME.

    Hugs, Pam and Teddy too

    1. You forget how tiny kittens are until you actually hold them in person! Then holding our 14-pound Woodrow – it’s amazing that they go from so tiny to so big! :-)

  2. Intestinal parasites are my first thought too. I had two cats with them when they were adopted. Poor little things. They are adorable! Good thing I’m not close by. I want them all!

    1. Yes, could be parasites. If so, Best Friends will definitely get that figured out. My guess is that they are very fussy/picky eaters.

  3. You get two thumbs up from me, for putting the kittens in front of any ego or desires! Am sending purrs and hugs to them, hoping they get big and fat and sassy, and have normal poops! Your images are excellent of the babies; what adorable models they were.

    1. Thank you for the kind words. It was hard to let them go, but they REALLY need to eat well and they just wouldn’t do it for me. And yes, they were very cute models. Although Sophie still thinks she’s cuter. Ha!

  4. guyz…..we wish ewe all de veree veree best….heerz hopin ewe each find yur foreverz…gain weightz….N bee happee..

    lookin for werd ta heerin bout yur new lifez soon ~~~ ♥♥♥

    woodrow N crew: 984 pawz up two mom N dad….they tried N gived it ther all N thatz what countz…. blessings two them ~~~~♥♥♥

  5. Oh my cat! Squeeee! I really enjoyed seeing these kitten photos! And that sleepy kitty video! I’m sure the’re in really good hands and it’s always best to err on the side of caution. I hope they put on weight soon and find an awesome foster home just like yours.

  6. You made the right decision. Thankfully there was an option. Kitten fostering is not for the feint of heart but every bit helps.

  7. Oh that’s too bad. We sure hope the kittens will be okay. Hopefully you’ll get another foster (or fosters) soon.

  8. As others have said, sometimes the best thing we can do for fosters is recognize our limitations and let someone else take over! I appreciate our various “specialists” so much, for just that reason! I’m sure your kittens will get on track soon. You definitely get points for willingness and effort! ;-)

  9. They are so adorable. I hope they will start to gain weight, you were wise to get them back to get help.

  10. Darn. We’re sorry the kittens didn’t get to stay with you, but we know they’ll be okay and well cared for at the shelter.

  11. Sorry it didn’t work out. Runny runs is typical in kittens and can become dangerous so fast. But, they are resilient little creatures. :) Big hugs

    Luv ya’

    Dezi and Raena

  12. I hope the kitties don’t have worries in their tummies or some other health concern. I’ll cross my paws that they will start eating their noms better so they can go big and strong. They sure are cute. Purr purr purr.