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Chatty Cats: Raises, Tummies and More!

After dropping off the foster kittens earlier this week, the resident cats were happy to have their cat room back. They insist it’s not a foster room. Except that both Woodrow and Harley used it as a foster room when they first arrived here. So really, they should understand that it may be occupied occasionally.

In other news, Olive decided to become an extremely picky eater this week. So much so that I had to get her an appetite stimulant yesterday. Here’s to hoping for a quiet and uneventful weekend!

Time for a Raise

Woodrow: Hey Mama, wanna join me in the catio?
Mama: I can’t right now. Gotta do the 9 to 5 job thing.
Woodrow: My 9 to 5 involves catio time, sleeping and looking adorbs.
Mama: You do your job very well.
Woodrow: Yeah, I’ve been thinking about asking for a raise.

handsome tabby cat

Baby Dexter

Dexter: Mama, am I still your baby boy?
Mama: Always, why?
Dexter: Because I saw you bring four kittens into the house today.
Mama: Those are just foster kittens. We’re not keeping them.
Dexter: You said the same about Woodrow and Harley.
#concerneddexter #fostertime

pensive tabby cat

Professor Woodrow

Woodrow: Foster kittens, listen up! As a former foster cat, I have a lesson for you!
Kittens: (in unison): Yes, Mr. Woodrow?
Woodrow: Sometimes humans put goofy things on us like this bow tie. They think it makes us look cute or handsome. Regardless that it’s true, you must resist. Only allow them to do this a few times a year. And be sure to name your price beforehand. Like treats five times a day for a week. Or no nail trims for a month. Got it?
Kittens: (in unison): Yes, Mr. Woodrow!

adorable tabby cat in bow tie

An Empathetic Cat

Sophie: Whew, Mama. I’m pooped! It was hard work taking care of those foster kittens this weekend.
Mama: You didn’t do a thing.
Sophie: Well, it was hard work watching you take care of them. I’m a very empathetic cat, you know. For example, I watched you feed them and it made me hungry.
Mama: I’m not sure you understand what empathetic means.

adorable white cat sleeping in box

Tortie Tummy

Olive: Mama, let’s show everyone my beautiful tortie tummy.
Mama: Can I rub it?
Olive: No! It’s for looking at only. Unless I ask you to rub it. And that’s usually at 3:07 in the afternoon for 14.2 seconds. Don’t you know the tummy-rubbing schedule by now?
#sheesh #mamaneverlearns

beautiful tortie cat shows off tummy


Harley: Mama, did you see that mess around the litter box?
Mama: Yes.
Harley: It wasn’t me, I swear.
Mama: I didn’t think it was you.
Harley: Oh good. I’ve trained you well.

intense Siamese cat


Dexter: Mama, Sophie is laying on my bum and I can’t stretch out.
Mama: Make her move.
Dexter: I tried! She won’t budge.
Sophie: Dexter, your bum is like laying on a big soft cloud. Now hold still!
Dexter: Mama, was that a compliment?

Bonus Flashback Friday

Dexter: Mama, pay attention to meeeeeee!!!

tabby cat wants attention

Photo from 2013 – back when we only had two cats (gasp!), Dexter and Olive.

We hope everyone has a wonderful weekend! Be sure to check back on Wednesday for a very cool giveaway!

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  1. Sending good juju for Olive!! I just went through a similar thing with AdamCat, which ended up with him hospitalized, me $3700 closer to broke, and no diagnosis or prognosis. But at least he’s eating and drinking again, like nothing happened.

    1. Ugh, that doesn’t sound fun! We do have a vet appointment for her today. She’ll nibble, but not eat much. Other than that, she’s still her normal tortie self. She has a dental scheduled for Friday next week, so she’s probably acting up so we’ll cancel it! Haha!

      1. LOL… my blind cat developed the strength of Thor so I couldn’t pull her out from under a sofa and she got her vet appt delayed.

        fyi only: AdamCat went for a checkup due to unexplained rapid weight loss. At that point, he was still eating just fine. $1k in tests revealed nothing. But over the 2 weeks after the appt, he at a little less every day then, without me noticing, stopped drinking water too. By the time I realized he wasn’t drinking, and that he would need fluids from the vet, he also stopped accepting even his favorite snacks and lickable treats. He spent 4 days in the hospital on IV fluids (not even subQ… he had to go to IV) with more tests run – all showing nothing. He came home on Sat and would eat canned food but not dry, and still wouldn’t drink. On Mon I started mixing 2oz of Pedialyte with 2 tsp of tuna and he drank those – which seemed to finally remind him to drink water. We’re still having a wet vs dry food battle, and he’s on an antibiotic and B12 shots, but his personality is back to normal.

        So… long story short.., keep a very close eye on Olive. And if all else fails, try canned tuna.

        1. I’m glad that AdamCat is feeling better. Hope he continues to feel good! We’re definitely keeping a close eye on Miss Olive. Thanks for the suggestions, too!

  2. Gasp! Only two cats!?! You’ve obviously made up the difference…lol!
    Somehow I missed the Olive conversation, but really, there’s only a small window of time that belly rubs are allowed…
    Here’s hoping she’s okay, and rediscovers her appetite.

  3. Olive’s belly is something else. We could stare at that tortie-liciousness for hours! I’m not sure I could keep my hands off it – tortitude or not. Woodrow, you’re sweet to teach the new kittens about the world. But you might want to be careful because otherwise you might teach them TOO WELL and they’ll never leave!