cute calico foster kitten in carrier

Sunday Selfies with the New Kids

They have arrived! Yesterday morning, Ross and I drove up to Best Friends in Los Angeles to pick up some new foster kittens. We ended up with the “Y” litter – all with Y names – Yonkerz, Yammerz, Yupperz, Yapperz. A little silly, so we decided to give them nicknames while they’re here.

I’m pleased to introduce you to Buster, Zip, Callie and Casper. Here they are on the way home. Zip is the vocal one.

“Geroff me!” ~Casper

cute foster kittens in carrier

“If I just push a little harder.” ~Callie

cute foster kittens in carrier

“Let me out!” ~Casper

cute foster kittens in carrier

The New Digs

When we arrived home, we put the kittens in their pen, they ate, explored and tried to (unsuccessfully) climb out. The pen will be their home base, but of course they will soon be exploring the entire foster room.

We were told that the orange tabby, Buster, would need a lot of socialization. Upon intake at Best Friends (transferred from a Los Angeles city shelter), he was quite hissy and swatty, which we witnessed when picking him up. But at the house, he settled quickly and allowed us to handle him with pretty much no issues. He did spit/hiss at us a couple of times when we moved about the room too quickly. But he’ll be just fine.

Here’s a video of the kittens trying to escape.

Sunday Selfies

And now, the kittens will participate in their first Sunday Selfies!

cute orange tabby foster kitten
Buster, male, six weeks old
cute calico foster kitten
Zip, male, six weeks old***
adorable sleeping foster kitten
(sleeping) Casper, female, six weeks old
cute calico foster kitten
Callie, female, six weeks old

***The paperwork mentioned that there is one female calico and one male calico, which I know is rare. I think the male is the darker calico. I checked quickly, but I didn’t want to be too rude. I’ll check again later to be sure.

While these kittens aren’t ready for adoption yet, you can check out the many adoptable cats and kittens at Best Friends in Los Angeles that are ready now!

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  1. They are all adorable! It is very rare to have a male calico, but he has such a lovely face.

  2. Ruby started looking around for kittens when I played the first video. She reacts this way any time she hears kittens or puppies – it’s the mom in here. They are so adorable especially Casper with the little white toes.