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Chatty Cats: Bacon, Pawsies and More!

Exciting news! I’ve been busy getting the foster room ready! Tomorrow, we’re heading up to Best Friends in Los Angeles to pick up some fosters. Pretty sure it will be kittens, but who knows until we actually arrive.

Since adopting Harley in January, we’ve taken a break from fostering. With five resident cats, we still have enough space to foster, which I’m thankful for. But we wanted to be sure that all the cats were settled in nicely before starting up again. Shhh, we haven’t told the cats yet!

Here’s what the Three Chatty Cats and the Jr. Associates have been chatting about.

Hot Harley

Harley: It’s hot upstairs, Mama.
Mama: I know, the AC unit died. The repair company can’t get here until Monday.
Harley: So you mean I have to hang out downstairs and be part of the family for three days!?!
Mama: I know, the horror!

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Our air conditioning gave out while we were away – in 90+ degree weather of course! It hasn’t been too bad, but not having AC really makes you appreciate when it’s working! Hopefully, it will be a quick fix and Harley can go back to being his curmudgeonly self upstairs on Monday.

Dramatic Olive

Olive: It’s too hot, Mama. I can’t…go…on.
Mama: I’ve never seen you so dramatic, Olive.
Olive: Stop…talking. Start fanning.
#brokenairconditioning #heatwave

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Where’s Da Bacon?

Woodrow: sniff sniff Is that bacon I smell?
Mama: No, we don’t eat bacon.
Woodrow: I’m pretty sure the adoption agreement you signed last year said I would get bacon.
Mama: No, it didn’t.
Woodrow: I’m pretty sure the adoption agreement I signed said that. No backsies on the bacon, Mama!
#happygotchaday #baconclause #demteefies

adorable tabby cat

We officially adopted Woodrow one year ago today (8/12/2017) from Best Friends in Los Angeles after fostering him for a couple of months. Who wouldn’t want to keep this lovable mancat?

Monday Mood

Mama: Ready for the day, Dexter?
Dexter: What day is it?
Mama: Monday.
Dexter: Nope.
#mondayalready #notamorningcat

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Tables Are for Sitting (On)

Mama: Sophie, what are you doing on the dining room table?
Sophie: What? Mama, I can’t hear you.
Mama: Sophie, look at me.
Sophie: Mama, I can’t see you! Where are you?
Mama: Get off the table, Sophie!
#nicetrysophie #blueeyedtroublemaker

adorable white cat with blue eyes


Harley: Mama, these are my pawsies.
Mama: They’re very cute pawsies.
Harley: They’re used for whapping.
Mama: That’s not nice.
Harley: It’s whaps of love, Mama, whaps of love. Mostly.

cute siamese cat

Ice Cream!

Olive: Hey Mama, I think I hear the ice cream truck.
Mama: I don’t hear anything.
Olive: Oh, my mistake. Why don’t you run to the store and buy us some ice cream then. I’ll wait here.

cute tortie cat

Bonus Friday Video

This video is from when we opened Harley’s birthday box from Chewy. Woodrow was in the mood to play. If you watch closely, you can glimpse all five cats. Wait til the end… Harley is like, “Nope, I’m outta here!”

Check back with us soon to see our new foster(s)!

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  1. Great post. A little do-hicky goes out on our AC ever couple years. Luckily, my husband is an excellent fix-it person, so after the first year and hiring a repairman, he simply got a spare capacitor (less than $20, which the repairman charged over $150). The last 2 times the annoying thing went out, he simply went out and replaced it, so the AC was off for less than 4 hours. Apparently that capacitor is a mega issue with the type of AC we have, and once neighbors realized we kept a spare, they started doing the same….. I often wonder if the repairmen have noticed a drop in service calls for our neighborhood.
    What I’m suggesting in that you get the replacement part – assuming that is the problem – and consider getting a spare to have on hand, just in case.

    1. Very good tip! It turned out to be an issue with the fuse box. So at least our AC unit is okay. And we’re cool once again!

      1. We live in Florida, which is the US ‘lightening capitol’. Nearby strikes are why that annoying capacitor got fried more than once. Thus, since there was space in our fuse box, we also installed a special fuse, which is basically a whole house surge suppressor. That has helped a lot!

  2. Great conversations this morning, all you chatty cats. Can’t wait to see the fosters. That will be fun to do. And a wonderful thing to do to help some kitties that need homes. Have a really nice day.

  3. YAY that the AC is back…..this time of year it’s mega-awful when the AC is on the blink! Looks like fun box from Chewy – hopefully enough goodies for “share-sies” !!

    Hugs, Teddy

  4. Harley, you are a real stinker! LOL! Love your conversations. We all look forward to your new fosters! Best Friends is a wonderful rescue; on my bucket list to visit their Utah compound.

    1. We only started with three. Got into fostering and added two to the crew. We will NOT be foster failing again. :-)

  5. We can’t wait to meet the fosters! Though we’re not sure the resident cats will feel the same. You may need to bribe them with some bacon. :)

  6. You guys crack us up! Woodrow’s bacon exchange and Dexter’s (happy gotcha day, dude!) statement about Mondays really resonate with us. MOL!

    We are looking forward to seeing your new fosters. Oh, and we’re hoping your AC gets fixed real soon!


  7. Your house is so CLEAN!! I have carpet with cat barf stains from one side of the house to the other… I can’t imagine a clean home with cats!!
    Looking forward to seeing the new fosters!

    1. We replaced the downstairs carpet with hard floors maybe 12 years ago? Finally got rid of the upstairs carpet last year. HUGE difference in my allergies. And so much easier to keep clean with one dog and five cats! :-)

  8. Who wouldn’t want to give him bacon after you kept him? Huh? He could have gone to a house with bacon. I made the same mistake. I moved into a house without bacon. More fun convos.