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The Worst Cat Mama? (The Best Cat Sitter!)

Let me tell you a little story and you can decide if I’m the worst cat mama around. Ross and I were in the middle of our little getaway to Santa Barbara, and I got an email on Tuesday from Chewy – subject: Happy BIRTHDAY, Harley! :) 

Interesting, I didn’t know it was Harley’s birthday…

I opened the email and Kristin from Chewy.com let me know that Harley should be expecting a box of goodies in the mail and that they hope he has a nice birthday.

Okay…Ross and I were away and I didn’t realize it was Harley’s birthday. Does that make me the worst cat mama? In my defense, we celebrate the cats’ gotcha days instead of birthdays (our first three cats were strays, so we didn’t know their birthdays). But because we adopted Harley (and Woodrow) and received paperwork, it did note his birthday. Which I apparently let Chewy know at some point, but I myself had forgotten! Oopsies.

Well, Harley being Harley, he wasn’t very interested in the box of goodies. But don’t worry, we have four other cats, so the goodies will not be wasted. In fact, today is Woodrow’s Gotcha Day! So, he will get to share Harley’s birthday box of toys and treats. (And hey, I remembered Woodrow’s Gotcha Day, so there’s that!)

Investigating the Chewy Box

Dexter thought the box was for him and wanted it opened right away! None of this putting-away-your-luggage business. The box must be opened first!

tabby cat wants box opened

Sophie took a look before I could pull out the packaging and then stood guard.

Dexter was up next and selected the toy he wanted.

Even though the box was for Harley, he was clearly more interested in Sophie.

So, from the worst cat mama to…

The Best Cat Sitter!

As you know, Ross and I went away for three days. And upon our return, we did a short staycation as well. We have family in town and have been doing the touristy things with them. So, our wonderful cat sitter has also been checking in on the cats each day while we’re out. The last day, I come home to find…

Chi's Sweet Home Mugs
Surprise gift waiting for me!

These adorable travel mugs are from Chi’s Sweet Home, which is a manga comic series from Japan written and illustrated by Kanata Konami. I first fell in love with Chi when I randomly happened upon Volume 1 of Chi’s Sweet Home collection in a bookstore – on a “favorite” shelf of the employees. I read the 480-page book in two days (comics, remember) and bought the three remaining volumes right away.

Chi's Sweet Home
My collection of Chi’s Sweet Home books.

The comic series is about Chi, a mischievous kitten, who is rescued by a young boy and learns about being a cat, living indoors, going on adventures, etc. It’s a slice of life type story that any cat lover will adore. Geared towards kids, I personally found it fun and love little Chi. You can check out The Complete Chi’s Sweet Home, 1 on Amazon (this is an Amazon affiliate link).

But back to my wonderful cat sitter, she had bought me one mug a couple of months ago without even knowing I already loved Chi from the comic book series. She just thought the mug was cute. She surprised me with the two remaining mugs on Friday!

I can’t believe Mama forgot my birthday! ~Harley

adorable Siamese cat

Well, she remembered that my Gotcha Day is today! ~Woodrow

handsome tabby cat

Thank you to Chewy.com for sending the box of goodies to Harley!

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  1. Seems that no matter who the goodies were addressed to – they hit the spot for everyone!! Love the Chi mugs….cute design. Happy Late Birthday Harley and Happy Not Late Gotcha Woodrow………..

    Love, Teddy and Mom Pam

  2. That was super sweet of your sitter to gift you with those Chi mugs. They’re adorable!

    Happy belated birthday to Harley, and happy gotcha day to Woodrow. :)

  3. Harley, don’t feel bad, I think Mom fur-got my birthday this year, too, ’cause I sure don’t remember get a fishy cake with candles on top. Maybe you and I need to get together and throw a paw-ty for ourselves.

    Happy Gotcha Day Woodrow! Big hugs!

  4. Well, at least Chewy remembered your birthday, Harley! Happy belated one! And Happy gotcha day to Woodrow.

  5. Happy Birthday Harley, and Happy Gotcha Day Woodrow! That was nice to get the gift from Chewy. Those mugs are adorable!

  6. Chewy is the best and so is your cat sitter. Happy Belated Birthday Harley and Happy Gotcha Day Woodrow! XO

  7. I forget the Chirpies birthdays all the time, oops! MOL. There’s just too many! That’s a very thoughtful cat sitter and what cute mugs, love it! Happy birthday Harley, I’m sure your Mama will be making up for the oversight!

  8. Happy birthday Harley and happy Gotchaday Woodrow. Oh awnty Rachel, you’ll get a pass this time cuz you;re generally a great cat mommy. Just don’t let it happen again. MOL Big hugs

    Luv ya’

    Dezi and Raena

  9. doodz….bee lated birthday N happee gotcha dayz best fishez….♫♪♫♪ we hope everee one getz in TRUBULL
    ta sell a brate:) joy de awesum box N de awesum goodz; N heerz two a yeer a head filled with happee
    nezz N healtheez ♥♥♥ :) ~~~

  10. Chewy sends presents?? Cool!! (they once accidentally doubled my order of flea meds, which run about $40/box, and told me to just keep the extra box, no charge.)

    I never remember my cats’ randomized bdays (always based on a guessed age during their first vet appt. i finally put the info in my About page but I rarely pay attention – but I don’t celebrate human bdays either). Most of their gotcha dates were fluid… they showed up for days or weeks before I declared them mine.

  11. Happy Birthday, Harley!!! We love that photo of you. A birthday and also a gotcha day. There must be a lot of fun celebrating going on in that household. Love seeing you all so happy getting special gifts from Chewy. Dexter hopped right in and picked out what he wanted. Thanks for the share. Have a wonderful week.

  12. We would like to comment that a human would not appreciate her mother remembering her sister’s birthday but not her own. Just saying. Purrs, Snoops and Kommando Kitty