Happy Gotcha Day to Me!

Happy Gotcha Day to Me!

Sophie here! Guess what today is? It’s my Gotcha Day! My third one, to be exact. That’s right, I’ve lived with Mom and Pops for three whole years now.

white cat peeking through basket
“Hey you, are you paying attention to me on my very special day?”

For those of you who don’t know, Mom found me outside a movie theater as a six-month-old kitten, scrounging for food. Well, actually, she didn’t find me. A security guard found me and told her that he had called animal control. So, she whisked me away before I could be taken to the slammer.

I’m very happy to have ended up here, even if Mom does dress me up occasionally…

white cat

…and takes unflattering shots while I’m trying to lounge in my scratcher…

white cat

…but I love Mom to pieces, so I’m letting her celebrate me today with these goofy photos. (The things we do for our humans.)

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  1. Happy Gotcha Day Sophie! Your basket photo is just the cutest! You are so lucky to have stumbled upon your mom. But similarly, I think your mom is so lucky to have you. Because I heard via the cat vine, that you are the chief entertainer at home, and humans love to laugh!

  2. Happy Gotcha Day, beautiful girl! You hit the jackpot with your wonderful family…and they with you!

  3. While it is true that humans can be most difficult and hard to understand, it is best to have humans of your own that you can train than being in the slammer! Happy Gotcha Day Sophie. We will just go on pretending and let these humans believe they rescued us when it was us that rescued them from life without us!!! Colette, Simone and our human.

  4. Concatulations Sophie!
    I’m sure glad you managed to find a home before you were thrown in the slammer. I was there and BOY was I happy when the female human met me and insisted on taking me home. And by the way, the Halloween collar looks quite fetching and I agree. The humans need to quit sneaking around taking photos of us that do not showcases us at our best, we internet cats have an image to maintain!
    Purrs & Head Bonks,
    Lily (The Tribe of Five)