Foster Cat Harley

Hero Harley #FosterFriday

Happy Friday, everyone! I wanted to drop in to let you know that we’re still trying to find foster cat Harley the perfect forever home.

I also wanted to share this little tidbit that I learned about him this week…not only is he one of the sweetest cats, but Harley is also a hero!

When a little kitten named Devo was fading away at Best Friends, he received a blood transfusion from Harley. The kitten rallied and is now a healthy little guy – all thanks to Harley’s lifesaving transfusion!

chocolate cat
It’s Holiday Harley!

Being adopted and returned twice just this year alone, nine-year-old Harley really does deserve a perfect home and a patient adopter. Having been with us a little over two weeks now, I can safely say that Harley will truly be a wonderful cat for someone. He sleeps on the bed with me at night, yodels with the best of ‘em in the morning, and just wants to be loved.

Here’s a video I shared of Harley on Facebook recently. It’s meant to show potential adopters what he will be like in a home environment, since we all know that some cats don’t show well at the shelter.

Harley is available for adoption from Best Friends Animal Society in Los Angeles. If you know someone in the Los Angeles/Orange County area who is looking for a handsome, laidback senior cat, please let me know!

chocolate cat
Harley poses with our (pre-decorated) Christmas tree.

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  1. He’s precious! He’s got the cutest little blue eyes! They look crossed sometimes!🐈 Once someone looks into that wise, beautiful face, they won’t be able to make it to the door without him in their arms! This is my Christmas Prayer for you, little hero!💖😺🐯

  2. Oh am I in love with Harley! What a face. Hoping he finds a furever home soon. It’s a good thing I live so far away or I’d be tempted to make the Tribe of Five a Tribe of Six!!

  3. Harley is a handsome dude, and he should get extra props from Santa for being a hero. We hope his Christmas wish come true!