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It’s Black Cat Appreciation Day!

In honor of Black Cat Appreciation Day, I thought I’d remind everyone about our first foster cat, Juno. Unfortunately, Little Miss Juno is still waiting for adoption at Best Friends Animal Society in Los Angeles. And while Juno has a tiny white patch on her chest, I consider her a black cat.

Juno, black foster cat

Luckily, Juno is in a community cat room at Best Friends, so she is not confined to a kennel, like she was when we first picked her up for fostering in March. And during all the times we’ve seen her on our visits back to the shelter, she seems to be enjoying herself. But still, when will her perfect adopter come along?

black cat
Juno in the community cat room.

About Juno

We fostered Juno as part of the “Adoption Agent” program with Best Friends, meaning we observed her in our household for three weeks and then reported back to Best Friends about how she may be in her future forever home. This program provides valuable feedback for shelter staff when a potential adopter inquires about a cat.

We found Juno to be curious, playful and independent. She isn’t a fan of being held for too long, but she is okay being picked up to be moved or carried to another room. She accepts pets, but definitely lets you know when she is done. Juno uses the litter box perfectly and also only scratches her scratchers. She is fine with other cats and possibly low-key dogs.

Juno will be a great companion to someone who has a lot of patience and understands that not all cats want to be lap cats, although she did climb into my lap one time during her short stay with us.

If you’re in the Southern California area, two-year-old Juno is available for adoption at Best Friends! Juno’s Profile Page

Do you have a black cat or know anyone who does?

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Juno, black foster cat

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  1. She sounds like a wonderful cat & I pray she will find her forever-family soon…. We consider Mr. M to be a black cat for today, too, though most of the time we call him a ‘dark tuxie’.

  2. Happy Black Cat Appreciation Day!

    Juno is epically cute and we hope she finds her furever furrmily real soon!

    Big hugs

    Basil & Co xox

  3. Winky winks for Juno. She is mighty pretty & I really like her name! Let’s hope that someone will see this post today & want to give her a forever home! Smooches for the Chirpies!

  4. I love black cats! :-) They are generally more communicative than other cats. :-) I’ve had Blackie for 5 years now and she’s a great cat. My mom has a black cat too. Both Blackie and my mom’s cat never leave our side. :-)
    I really hope Juno finds a home soon!

  5. Juno looks and sounds like a wonderful, purrfect kitty. We have our paws crossed that she finds her happily ever after real soon. Black cats are awesome!

  6. I hope Juno will find her fur-ever home soon! She probably will warm up more than o someone in a longer term situation. 3 wks isn’t long enough for her true personality to shine through, but enough to get an idea of what type of adoptor will sue fit best with.

    It’s so sad that blk cats get so overlooked! I think they are so gorgeous! I have 4 blk cats, 3 of them special needs. I also have had several “tuxedo’s” most have crossed over, presently, only 1.

    Most recent, a mostly blk kittens rescue, I guess technically she would be a “blk torti” super cute! & she was dumped at one of my feral colonies at only 7 wks old! & sauntered up to my husband when he went to feed the colonies that day. She was supposed to just be fostered by us, but alas, we became “foster failures” Lol!!! She just “got to us!” & we couldn’t let her go! Not like we needed another one, believe me, we got a full house here! All of ’em I rescued from either being born or dumped at one of my many feral colonies.

    Many of my cats were supposed to be adopted, but by no fault of their own, & not for lack of trying, they just weren’t adopted. Alot would be considered special needs, but not really by me, just by other’s. I think “special needs” means if you have to do extra care for them above & beyond. For instance, 2 of my blk cats (Jack & Sade) have an eye issue. One is completely blind in one eye, the other has a messed-up eye, but it’s not totally blind, he see’s, barely through it. The Vet said, it’s sorta like looking through the tube of an empty paper towel roll. Either doesn’t require really any extra care, except for cleaning of the eyes regularly. People clean their kid’s eyes out all the time, but they’re not considered “special needs”, so why would these cats?, right!.

    The other two blk cats I have, 1 is a domesticated feral. Sounds contradictory, I know. Sasha doesn’t really want human touch, but will agree to sniff my fingers (briefly, lol!…I don’t linger) She will give me eye contact & engage in the reciprical “slow blink”. She is happy inside, there are just a couple cats that bully her, but there is less of that these day’s, thankfully! I had to take her off the streets because she was in jeopardy of being poisoned! The other blk cat, a handsome male, named Justin, just has some “quirks” he can be super loving & mushy, but then run off at times. It’s not a big deal to me, but maybe for an “average adoptor”. I would have adopted him out, but there just weren’t any takers, hence, why I have a house filled w/ my rescues! Some I knew we were definitely making a commitment to keeping, other’s, just ended up here by default, they’re not loved any less, of course, but it is quite a lot to take on, financially, & time-wise. Every time I get overwhelmed with all I have to do in a day, I just look at all their precious faces and think/know, how most would have been dead, & then I just take a deep breath, & carry on, the best I can.

    1. All of your rescues are so lucky to have you caring for them! And you make a very good point about “special needs” – not everyone has the same point of view on that. We can’t help which cats we fall in love with. And it sounds like you have a house filled with lots of love!