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Foster Friday with Lion (kinda, sorta)

What does “kinda, sorta” mean, you ask? Well, I was kinda, sorta fibbing about today being Foster Friday with Lion. And it’s a two-part fib! Here’s why!

So yes, we still have foster cat Lion right now. But…we’re not letting him go! That’s right! He’s joining the Three Chatty Cats household! We don’t officially adopt him until later this weekend (when we are able to make it back to the shelter), so today is still technically a Foster Friday.

tabby cat
Someone knows where the food is dished up!

What’s the second sorta fib of “Foster Friday with Lion?” He will no longer be known as Lion. His new name is Woodrow!

tabby cat
“There’s food in here, right?”

While we did call him Lion for a good two weeks or so when we brought him home in June, as soon as we had an inkling that we may keep him, we started thinking of new names. We went through so many, even trying one out for a couple days. But we settled on Woodrow and knew it was him as soon as we said it. And to be honest, I think he likes it. :-)

So, if all goes well this weekend at the shelter, Woodrow should officially be ours. Paws crossed!

tabby cat sleeping
He looks like he’s smiling here.
tabby cat sleeping
This boy knows how to snooze with the best of ‘em!

I’ll have more on Woodrow later. It hasn’t always been smooth sailing since adding the new furry member to the household, but everyone is doing well overall. And I’d say that Woodrow looks happy about staying here, don’t you think?

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Pssst…did you see our video on Facebook of Lion, er, I mean Woodrow and Dexter? Yawning is contagious! And in case you can’t tell them apart yet, Dexter is on the right. (But Dexter will only allow you to make that mistake once.)

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  1. I love foster fails! Had one myself a while back. I hadn’t really agreed to foster. My girlfriend found a cat (age approx. 3 to 6 months old) in her back yard yelling (he was hungry). She’s allergic so she boxed him up to go to the shelter. She made a fateful stop at my house to show me her find and the rest was history. There was no way that sweet thing (he really wasn’t a sweet thing but we loved him anyway) was going to the shelter.

      1. Yes it was. Jake turned out to be a large (tall and length, not fat) cat with a mind of his own. He never would have survived on his own at the beginning. Eventually he became an expert hunter but he also enjoyed the good meals he got inside. He passed at age 18.

    1. We thought so too! No, Three Chatty Cats will be sticking around. (Woodrow is only chatty at mealtime.)

    1. Funny enough, we tried out Woody first and it just didn’t work. But you can call him whatever you want, Teddy! I’ve been known to slip and call him Woody (and Lion!).

  2. Yay, for Woodrow and for you! :::doing the happy dance::: Anytime a new cat comes into a furrever home, I am tickled pink! Three, four…eight chatty cats; who’s counting?

  3. Concatulations! Is this the end of fostering or are you going to adopt I mean foster some others. Concats to Woodrow too for working his way deep into your hearts. Now you have to change your blog name.

  4. Oh how HAPPY this has made me!!! I am ecstatic!!!! I LOVE the name “Woodrow” and it DOES suit him! What a lucky boy he is….he could NOT be in a better home! LOVED your video too!! Adorable! xoxo

  5. Squeee that is SO fantastic…I’m just thrilled for all of you. Woodrow sure hit the jackpot! (Um…when does the blog become Four Chatty Cats???) That video is adorable *yawn*

  6. Hooray! We love foster failures (especially since Gracie and Zoe ended up here the same way). :)

    Congratulations to Woodrow, and to you all!

  7. Aaaaaaaaaaaaw Dat’s pawsum mews. It happens to all foster homes at one time or another. Ya’ just can’t help but fall madly and deeply in luv with at least one kitty. ConCats to you all. Big hugs

    Luv ya’

    Dezi and Raena