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Adopt a Shelter Cat Month with Foster Cat Lion #fosterfriday

I’d like to officially introduce you to our newest foster cat Lion. This four-year-old handsome fella may look a tiny bit familiar to regular blog readers. Some cat named Dexter isn’t too sure about the new guy and his tabby face. It’s okay, Dexter, there’s plenty of love to go around!

tabby cat
New foster cat Lion! A Dexter look-a-like.

Adopt a Shelter Cat Month

Hosting Lion in the house is the perfect time to let you know that June is Adopt a Shelter Cat Month!

It’s a month meant to spread awareness about shelter cats. And if you’re looking to add a feline friend to your household, please consider adopting from a shelter. Lion and all shelter cats will thank you! They will thank you with endless hours of love, making biscuits in your lap, purring you to sleep…and demanding treats.

Foster Cat Lion

Here are some photos of Lion, who is currently available for adoption from Best Friends Animal Society in Los Angeles. (View his profile.)

tabby cat
Just checking up on the neighbors.

Lion is an absolute lovebug and jumped into my lap and started making biscuits on his first night at the house. I’m not used to lap cats, since none of mine are, so this was a very pleasant surprise.

He is content just staring out the window and observing the neighborhood happenings.

tabby cat

Lion would do fine in a multi-cat household, although he’s made no attempt to play with the Three Chatty Cats yet. That could be more because of them, though, as they are wary of newcomers for a bit. Lion would also likely be fine with dogs. He doesn’t want to be friends with our dog Eddie, but he also doesn’t seem to be afraid of him.

In the mornings, Lion greets me with the cutest chirpy-like meow. Oh yeah, and he’s also so chill that he let me trim his nails as he was lying down in my lap. Easy peasy!

Lion will make some family very happy!

tabby cat
Lion in all his mancat glory.

Don’t all shelter cats like Lion deserve a loving forever home? Help spread the word about Adopt a Shelter Cat Month! And if you’re in the Los Angeles/Orange County area, why not check out Lion’s adoption profile and see if he might be perfect for you!

tabby cat
“Are we there yet?” ~Lion

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  1. Lion is a wonderful, fluffy and cuddly cat <3
    I adopted all my four male cats but not from shelter, i found all them literally in the middle of the street :-)

  2. Lion sure is a good looking cat! I think it is wonderful that you are fostering him. One day I hope to be able to foster dogs.

  3. What a handsome boy! Lion seems a total sweetheart and I hope he finds a loving home soon. But it sounds like he fits in nicely right where he is! What a chill dude.

  4. Anything that brings awareness to how wonderful it is to adopt shelter animals is awesome. Adopted pets truly do seem to deeply appreciate everything they get and give so much love.

  5. Lion looks like such a sweet guy! I love that he gave you happy paws right away. That’s always a good sign. He knows he is safe and loved. I hope that he feels the same way about his forever home when he finds one. Hopefully, he will find that perfect forever home soon. It would be nice to see all of the shelters empty!

  6. Lion looks like a great cat! I’m sure he’ll get a forever home how could you resit that face? We are a 2 dog one cat household because mom says a house always has to have a cat, it makes her day to see a cat enjoy his favorite spots. Love Dolly

  7. Lion is one handsome boy! He sounds so sweet too. Thank you for fostering him and helping to spread the word about Adopt a Shelter Cat Month! We hope someone adopts Lion soon so he can experience the joy and love of a furever family :)

  8. Lion is super handsome, and sounds like a real love. THANK YOU for fostering him, while he waits to be discovered by his forever loving family. :)

  9. Lion is a handsome one. And he looks like he’s nice and relaxed in his foster home as he waits for a forever home. He is sure to attract an owner that loves a good lap kitty. If he’s like me, he seeks out a warm lap throughout the day. Tell him to hang in there. I was once a shelter kitty, too, but eventually came into my forever home. Purrs.

  10. Mademoiselle Colette arrived in May while her new sister, Madame Simone, arrived three months later in August. We firmly agree, which we never do, as does our resident human and typist that every month is Adopt a Cat month. We hope to find a younger brother so are keeping a watch at our local S.P.A.’s. You can stop in and meet the family and of course we just had our first guest on our blog so please stop by and meet Mishka! Mishka like two of her brothers were from the local S.P.A.’s There are two more in that feline family and they were feral but are now part of the family.