It’s My Big Bro’s Gotcha Day! #tortietalktuesday

Olive here for another Tortie Talk Tuesday. Guess what today is? It’s Dexter’s Seventh Gotcha Day! My big bro was the first of the Three Chatty Cats to join the household and it was in the month of June – the 20th to be exact. And did you know? June is the same month I arrived (but a year later).

Our parents used to joke that June was the month for new pets. Our woofie brother, Eddie, arrived first in June 2003. Then Dexter came along years later in June 2010. Then me in June 2011. Stupid Sophie had to ruin it by showing up in the month of November. So, now I say that us special ones arrived in June.

tabby cat
Here’s handsome Dexter, my BFF and big bro!

Dexter’s Gotcha Story

Mom and Dad found Dexter on a really hot day in Palm Springs, California. They were visiting with Dad’s grandparents for the day (it was Father’s Day that year), and it was 100+ degrees outside! They were taking our woofie brother Eddie (and two other dogs) for a quick bathroom break and little Dexter darted out in front of them and ran under a bush to hide.

Dad got a towel and tried for about 10 minutes to catch the scared and overheated kitten. He finally got him, and they saw a big gash on his upper lip. You can see it in these photos here that were taken the next morning after they found him.

No momma cat was in sight, and it was clear that the little guy had been on his own for a bit. Mom and Dad think that maybe a bird tried to get him and caused the cut on his lip. We’ll never know. But Dexter was really dirty and his whiskers were caked in mud.

tabby kitten gets bath
Can you see his dirty whiskers?

So, our parents took him home that night, cleaned him up and brought him to the vet the next morning…and so began the adventure of being owned by a cat!

Here’s Dexter after a few days at the house, settling in nicely.

tabby kitten
Kitten Dexter waves hello!

And here he is with me and Sophie. He loved me so much when I arrived a year later. The jury is still out on Sophie. Well…I guess he loves her, too.

three cats cuddling
It’s a Dexter sandwich! Doesn’t Dexter look so happy to be with us? I think so. MOL!

Happy Gotcha Day, Dexter!
Love, Olive

Hugs & meows, Olive

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29 thoughts on “It’s My Big Bro’s Gotcha Day! #tortietalktuesday

  1. happy happy gotcha day dear dexter…I#m so glad you found the bestest home and it is like a miracle how wonderful you looked after some days in your new furever home… love can do miracles, right?

  2. That was a very lucky day for all of you! Happy Gotcha Day!

    Hershey, Bear, Princess Fiona Fuzzy Paws, Fluffy, Mia, Alexandra and the Fosters

  3. Happy Gotcha Day Dexter! That Dexter sandwich looks good enough to cuddle. Although, it almost looks like you are laying on top of him!

    That’s progress, right? I mean Olive is ALMOST touching Sophie!!!
    Happy Gotcha Day, handsome Dexter. I’m so glad you found your way to Rachel and Ross – you couldn’t be loved more.

    1. I know, right? Leave it to Dexter to bring them together. Olive was there first and Sophie crawled slowly up there and settled. I guess Olive was in a good mood.

  5. Happy Gotcha Day to your debonair Dexter brofur. Tell him we always admired his cute “man gash” on his lip, it makes him look suave and mysterious. It says “I have a story to tell all the lady cats about my past”. But he sure is lucky to be sandwiched by the two sisfurs in his life and to have a wonderful forever home like yours.

  6. HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY GOTCHA DAY DEXTER! We absolutely loved reading your story this morning, it made it us feel all warm and fuzzy that mew had the purrfect happy ending aftur your early struggles….

    Big hugs

    Basil & Co xox

  7. Happy Gotcha Dexter! Lucky you… knew just what to do to get some help on that hot day didn’t you! You sure looked hungry, tired and HOT but a bath and some love and just look at you now! Handsome Mr. Dexter! I hope you enjoy your special celebration – I know your family is happy you found your way into your FOREVER home!

    Love, Teddy

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