Hope Gets Adopted!

I had planned on doing a “Meet Hope” post this week to let potential adopters know how foster cat Hope is in a home environment. As it turns out, such a post is not necessary!

I briefly mentioned how we were told that Hope may need a lot of time to adjust. But she came out of her shell quickly, loved attention, playing and just hanging out. She doesn’t like being picked up, but I believe she may eventually be a lap cat. She would crawl across my lap toward the end of her stay here, but never really settled for long.

Foster cat Hope

When we had picked Hope up for fostering, she wasn’t even listed as available for adoption yet. I sent Best Friends a few photos on Thursday and they created her profile online. And what do you know…I received an email on Friday that someone wanted to meet Hope!

kitten plays with toy

So, Sunday afternoon we wrangled her into the carrier and headed up to Best Friends for the meet and greet.

Hope’s adopter was a nice, young man who was looking for his first cat. I’d warned the foster coordinator before Sunday that Hope would not show well, and I sent off a few videos of her playing and showing affection. I’m glad I did, as she hid the entire time during the meet and greet.

Foster cat Hope

But, the young man said he had plenty of patience and that sounded great to me! He mentioned that his girlfriend cares for stray cats. And he also mentioned (in another part of the conversation) that he would be getting a kitten in a couple weeks. So, putting two and two together, I assume that his girlfriend is caring for a mother cat with kittens that aren’t yet weaned.

He thought it would be good to have two cats together, which I think will be great for Hope. (She showed interest in Dexter here, but he didn’t reciprocate.) I think it’s wonderful that he thought of adopting the other cat (Hope) from a shelter. Sounds like a cat guy in the making!

Best wishes to Hope and her new cat dad.

kitten wants to play
“I’m ready to play!”

On a side note, Ross and I won’t be fostering again until mid-June. We’re getting new floors put in the house (pet proof, of course!) this month and then we’re off on vacation. But when we return, we’ll be ready for our next foster cat!

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32 thoughts on “Hope Gets Adopted!

    1. Haha, good point! We’re going with tile throughout the house (that looks like hardwood). Will be MUCH better than the carpet we have upstairs now, both in regards to cleaning and destruction.

      1. Great! We have very little carpeting except area or throw rugs. As we pull it up, something like tile (we put linoleum in our cat room and it’s fabulous — no grout to worry about). We have a lot of hardwood floor but it has a light stain so sometimes it’s tricky to find the offending hairball! Tile is a very good option.

  1. Love this! Yay for Hope and her new family. We too have pet-proof floors; hardwood. When we moved in, we pulled up all of the carpeting and had the floors refinished. Just because the cats ALWAYS barf on the throw-rug instead of the wood floor…lol!

    1. No, I’m still not going. But I guess BlogPaws just assumes I am! :-) I hope to see you again at a future conference though!

  2. Oh I wish Hope all the best in her new home. I bet she’ll make a wonderful big sis to the kitten when the little one comes to join the family!

  3. how wonderful to see your work pay off so fast!!

    I can’t foster, I’d be a 100% “foster fail” and I already have too many, one of which is dying (liver cancer and/or lymphoma) so….

    I met an adult rescue kitty, big b/w male, “Hudson” who’s super agro (bites and claws, very much like PCB) and I FELL IN LOVE. I’m having the worst time not wishing for him to live with me (I don’t think the agency would even allow it due to how many I already have and the fact that I let them go outside by day).

  4. Congratulations on finding a new home, Hope! Though to be fair, who wouldn’t fall in love with a lovely kitty like you! :)

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