Monday Morning Foster News

There have been a couple of changes here at Hotel Three Chatty Cats, so I thought I’d drop in with a Monday morning update.

First off, guess who’s been adopted?


That’s right, Mr. Carington was adopted yesterday afternoon. His adopter read about him here on Three Chatty Cats and asked for a meet and greet. Ross and I drove him up to Best Friends yesterday and she loved Carington (of course!). She is the nicest young woman and I’m happy that we got to meet her, as I think that will probably be unusual for our fostering situation. I imagine that most of the time, we will be dropping off our fosters to return to the community cat rooms (like Juno) so they can be seen for adoption.

Carington, foster cat
“Is it time for treats?” No, it’s time for your adoption!

The adopter said she’d provide updates, so I can’t wait to see how Carington is doing. He only spent two short weeks with us, but we fell in love with him while he was here and we couldn’t be happier for Carington.


While we were at Best Friends, we said hello to Juno, who is still waiting for adoption and still sassy as ever. She is enjoying her time playing with the other cats and is said to have a crush on one of them. I guess she really likes his tail.

Juno, black cat
Juno at Best Friends in a community cat room.

I was happy to see that Juno was featured on the KTLA Morning News over the weekend. They do a segment where they feature Los Angeles area adoptables – and Juno was chosen for yesterday’s segment. I hope that helps her get adopted!

Juno, featured adoptable
Juno on the news! Excited that they used my photo, too.

You can watch the segment here: Liberte and Justice for Paws
Juno’s profile at Best Friends – Los Angeles


After Carington’s adoption yesterday, we chatted with Samantha, the Cat Behavior and Enrichment Lead at Best Friends who was filling in for the foster team since we were there after they’d gone home (it was a later meet and greet than usual, I think). Samantha showed us Hope, who is a six-month-old that needs a lot of patience and time to blossom. She has basically been in a shelter cage her entire life. :-( Best Friends pulled her from another Los Angeles shelter right when her time was up.

Hope, tabby foster kitten
On the car ride home. She hid most of the time in her blankets.

Hope doesn’t like being touched and warns with a hiss and light swat (so we’ve been told). In the past week, I guess she’s taken treats from fingers with the behavior staff – so that’s improvement. Ross and I have our work cut out for us with Hope. We’re up for the challenge!

Here she is hiding under the desk. Overnight, Hope came out to eat and use the litter. But so far, she stays hidden when we’re in the room with her, although she does seem interested in toys. She hasn’t even been here 12 hours yet. So, we’ll give her lots of time to adjust.

That’s it for now. Hope everyone has a Happy Monday and wonderful week.

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23 thoughts on “Monday Morning Foster News

  1. Sweet Hope! My Hazel spent most of her first 6 months jammed in a cage with 10 other cats. She warmed up but she’ll never be a lap cat. Still doesn’t like to be picked up or handled but she’s a sweetie and great with the other cats. Yay for Carrington! Hopefully Juno next!

    1. Yeah, I’m hoping that Hope will like our other cats when we get around to introductions down the line.

  2. Hope is a pretty little girl who just has had little if any socialization I bet….I bet with your love and kindness she will blossom and be a wonderful and successful adoption story like Carington!

    Hugs, Angel Sam and Ted

  3. YAY for Carington! Some person will be very lucky to add Juno to his/her life. She’s adorable! Poor Hope … though I think her name suits her well. She’s a beauty and she’ll come around with plenty of love and patience.

  4. We love the fost3r updates. So happy for Carington and looking forward to hearing that Juno has been adopted. Little Hope is so sweet, looking forward to hearing about her progress. Thanks for caring for these fur kids!

  5. Dat’s pawsum news. And Hope be so purretty. We’ll be sharin’ and purrayin’ she warms up really soon and finds her furever. Big hugs

    Luv ya’

    Dezi and Raena

  6. I have a feeling Hope is going to thrive in your home! Four paws for Carington being adopted so quickly! And I had to laugh about Juno’s crush. Mudpie has shown a liking to a neighbor kitty who drops by and I think it’s his fluffy tail that fascinates her!

  7. That is very good news for Carington. Hope is very pretty. I hope she soon progresses to enjoying and feeling at home with company.

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