Cat Pawsitive 2017 – That’s a Wrap!

Cat Pawsitive has officially ended for this year’s participating shelters, so I wanted to share with you the final article I wrote that recaps the program from the Jackson Galaxy Foundation.

tabby cat licking nose
Henry – photo courtesy of SFACC

Throughout the program, I worked with two West Coast shelters – San Francisco Animal Care and Control (SFACC) and Seattle Area Feline Rescue (SAFeR) – and with trainer-mentor Samantha Bell DiGenova (training goddess).

black and white cat
Faye – photo courtesy of SFACC

The last article is chock-full of thoughts from volunteers, team leaders and the heads of the two shelters. The positive reinforcement training program was a huge hit at both shelters and lots of kitties found their forever homes with their newfound skills.

calico cat
Bobbi – photo courtesy of SAFeR

Hop on over to the Jackson Galaxy Foundation blog and check out the article I wrote to learn more about the wonderful program. And at the end of it, be sure to read a few of the success stories.

black cat
Mickey – photo courtesy of SFACC

Article: The West Coast Pawsitively Sparkled with Cat Pawsitive

You can follow the Jackson Galaxy Foundation via their website, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Do any shelters in your area use clicker training with cats?

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23 thoughts on “Cat Pawsitive 2017 – That’s a Wrap!

  1. What beautiful babies! Thank you for sharing the program with us … it makes me curious about whether the organizations around here know about it. We know you’re working your own miracles with your fosters :)

  2. No. Only shelter in our area is a kill shelter and there is no training. But we’re glad some shelters have participated and helped kitties get adopted.

  3. Hiya Chatty Cats, that is such a great program, thanks fur sharing and thanks fur all the beautiful pics, we especially loved Mickey, the P.A. now wants Mickey! MOL

    Have an epic weekend guys

    Bestest purrs

    Basil & Co xox

  4. Wow, I wish our local shelters could participate in a program like that! I hadn’t heard of clicker training until I read this post & your great article at the Jackson Foundation. So wonderful to hear that the kitties & volunteers were in favor of the program & that it was a success! Kudos to everypawdy involved! Mew Mew!

  5. That clicker training is amazing. Not that we have any experiences with it, but we heard a lot about it. Great program :) Your pictures are adorable, kitties. I have to rub a tummy now ;) Pawkisses for a wonderful day and thank you for reading my interview on Mousebreath. You all get an Extra Pawkiss for that as it was a long read :) <3

  6. Dat’s pawsum awnty Rachel. We’re so glad you got to be a pawrt of it. and we’re really happy ’bout all da kitties who got help and homes. Big hugs

    Luv ya’

    Dezi and Raena

  7. I loved the article, especially the success stories and Domino’s story (with wild start). I am amazed that some of the cats learned so quickly within 3 sessions.

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