Dexter’s Sunday with Sophie

Dexter here! I know, it’s a little confusing because Sundays are usually with Sophie. But I thought I’d drop in today and tell you about my Sunday with Sophie.

tabby cat and white cat

Not sure if you heard, but our last foster cat left the premises last weekend (she was adopted) and we were so happy to get the “foster” room back to ourselves. You know, it started out as the cat room (for us!), but then mom went and turned it into a foster room and we’re not really allowed in there anymore. Even when there aren’t any fosters!

tabby cat and white cat

But look at us…Sophie and I snuck in there when mom was using it as a holding place for some laundry (laundry…as cats we just couldn’t resist). Anyway, she decided to let us stay because we were just too cute snuggling together.

As you can see, Sophie was really excited to be back in the room.

tabby cat and white cat

I mean…really, really excited!

tabby cat and white cat
“Yay, the room is ours again, Dexter!”

And now, Mom told me I have to share a Sunday Selfie. But I couldn’t decide between these two. I look good on both sides, don’t you think?

tabby cat
“Is this my good side?”
tabby cat
“Or is it this side?”

Sophie and I hope you have a wonderful and relaxing Sunday. With lots of snuggles.

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26 thoughts on “Dexter’s Sunday with Sophie

  1. Dexter, you look good from every side! And how nice of Mom to let you stay in the foster room after she saw you cuddling with Sophie. :)

  2. Aaaaaaaaaaaw Dexter, you’re handsum from any side. And, we just luv da fotos of you and Sophie. Ya’ll look so purrecious spendin’ time together. We’re very happy dat da foster got gotted. dat’s always good mews. Big hugs

    Luv ya’

    Dezi and Raena

  3. Cuteness overload! Glad you and Sophie were able to reclaim that room as yours! We have a room like that only it is called the rabbit room (where Lulu lives). Rosie is not allowed in that room because she sometimes scares Lulu. I am allowed in there because I am very nice to Lulu – this kind of drives Rosie nuts.

    XOXO, Ruby

  4. Hey Dexter!
    You look great on both sides as you’re a very handsome guy!! But I’m sure you already know that ;)
    And how great to have your room back!
    Lots of licks, your new friend Morrie!

  5. We have a room like that in our house too. The door is always closed, but when the human opens it, we run in. There is a beautiful bed with lots of sunshine and sometimes she lets us catch a cat nap. Unfortunately she doesn’t do it often. One of us is naughty and pees on the carpet any chance we get…hence keeping the door closed… Purrs from the Zee/Zoey gang.

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