Emily Jane Goes Home!

Emily Jane Goes Home! #FosterFriday

I’m so happy to report that I delivered our latest foster cat, Emily Jane, to her forever home this past Sunday! And the best part, a friend adopted her, so I will get to keep in touch and visit her!

Now named Emmie, she also has a cat brother to play with. She will be keeping Greystoke, a handsome, 10-year-old mancat, on his toes! Emmie’s new mom has reported that they’re already playing and zooming around the house together. And while there’s been the expected hisses and grumbles, they seem to be settling in nicely with each other overall. And perhaps over time, they just might be besties.

A Cat Keeps Clean

Here are some shots while Emmie was still in foster with us. As you can tell, she was getting all spruced up for her new forever home.

calico cat
“I’s gots to keep clean!”
calico cat
“What’s with the camera, lady?”
calico cat
“Can’t ya see I’m just grooming?”
calico cat
“Put the camera down.”
calico cat
“Or else…”

See You Soon!

I already get to visit with Emmie this weekend. Can’t wait to see her! She’s only been out of the house since last weekend, but we already miss her. Well, we humans do. Not so sure about our resident cats!

Greystoke and Emmie

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