Foster Friday with Carington

Hello, fellow feline lovers! Just dropping in today to introduce you to our current foster cat, Carington. This 10-year-old, 18-pound gentleman is quite shy and reserved (yes, I said 18 pounds!). But he is the biggest sweetheart I’ve ever met (yes, pun intended).

Foster Cat Carington

The Exchange

We picked up Carington this past Sunday when we dropped off Juno. Juno has graduated to the community cat rooms, instead of returning to a kennel where she was housed before she came to us. She can now mingle with the other cats (she did fine with our cats) and will be much more visible to potential adopters. I made a scrapbook of her time here so that adopters can see her in a home environment.


Carington tinkled on the car ride home because he was so nervous. He’s settling in slowly and just last night wandered the upstairs for the first time. I had to put the resident cats in a separate room, as he’s not too keen on them yet. But we’ll see how it goes during his stay with us.

Foster Cat Carington

Carington is a complete lap cat, although he doesn’t really fit. He loves being pet, headbutts like crazy, purrs up a storm and has the softest meow. Like I said, Carington is very shy, but also curious. (He’s currently exploring every nook and cranny of my office.)

A Funny Little Story…

On the first night, Ross went into the foster room, which I had left maybe 10 minutes before. He comes out a minute later and says, “I can’t find Carington.” Hmmm…there’s only so many places that an 18-pound cat can hide.

I go into the room and look under every piece of furniture and on top of the bookcase (as if Ross didn’t do these things). There is a closet in that room, but the door was shut and he (of course) wasn’t in there. Now, we’re really puzzled.

I walk over to the desk in the room, open the bottom drawer, and out rides Carington just sitting there as if it’s completely normal to hang out in a closed desk drawer. Turns out there’s the tiniest opening at the very back of the desk and he hopped up into the bottom drawer. Worried that if he did it again and couldn’t figure out how to get out, we removed the drawer.

Foster Cat Carington
Making air biscuits from inside the cat tree.

If you’re in the Los Angeles/Orange County area, Carington is available for adoption through Best Friends. Carington’s Profile Page

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Foster Cat Carington
Carington wishes you a Happy Friday!

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21 thoughts on “Foster Friday with Carington

  1. he is VERY handsome. we are SO glad that you are fostering adults to give them a chance to adjust and also let adopters know how they did in a home. (by the way – we “lost” a cat at the shelter one night and found her in the desk drawer as well)

  2. He reminds me of Sam, the brown tabby my son brought home! Complete big sweetie and lap cat, purr that shook the room! Instantly bonded with me! I hope your buddy finds a loving forever home!

  3. A lover boy like that, even shy, will find his furrever home soon! I like ’em BIG, like Carington…just ask Patty O’Malley! I like big cats and I cannot lie!

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