A Cat Named Juno

In an earlier post, I briefly introduced you to our foster cat Juno. Today, I’d like to give you a little more on her background…and of course more pictures!

Juno, foster cat

Adopted and Returned

Juno was originally adopted from Best Friends in Los Angeles as a kitten, I believe around June 2015. She stayed with her family for about a year and a half. When she required surgery to remove a bladder stone, her family could not financially afford the surgery. In what I imagine was a very hard decision, they returned Juno to Best Friends so she could receive proper care.

Juno, foster cat

Best Friends performed the surgery. They ended up only removing a small cyst, as the bladder stone that had shown up on previous x-rays had disappeared. She made a full recovery from the surgery.

At her previous home, Juno was described as confident with everyone, but shy around children. She was the only pet in the house, and she was very outgoing and loved being around people.

Juno, foster cat

Fostering Juno

During Juno’s time here at our house, we have found the above to be an accurate description, although we don’t have (two-legged) children, so we can’t speak to her shyness. She is certainly not shy with us.

Juno, foster cat

When she first arrived here, it was very clear that Juno becomes overstimulated easily with too much petting. She would hiss and also swatted a couple of times, but without using her claws. She has settled down in that regard and hasn’t hissed (at us humans) since the first couple of days. And speaking of claws, we successfully trimmed her nails. It was a breeze! Much easier than our resident cats.

Juno is not a lap cat (yet), but she is very easy to handle. She allows me to pick her up and hold her with no problem. She’s climbed onto my lap a couple of times and also onto Ross’ chest, but never stays put long. She definitely wants to be around us. Juno is curious, explores every inch of the rooms that she’s allowed in, and she really wants to play with Sophie. Juno has play pounced at her several times. Sophie just won’t respond yet.

black and white cat playing
Sophie joins Juno for a quick play session. They will play together with toys, but not yet with each other.

Finding a Forever Home

Juno would be fine with other cats, as long as proper introductions take place. As I mentioned, she has tried to initiate play with Sophie several times. She’s also tried with Dexter. Olive doesn’t come around when Juno is wandering the upstairs. I even think Juno would be fine with calm dogs. Juno does fine with Eddie, our 15-year-old terrier. But Eddie doesn’t care much about cats, so he’s not very interested in her.

Here’s a cute video of Juno playing. Watch for an appearance from Sophie.

My hope is that whoever adopts Juno, they will be patient and understand that not all cats like to cuddle. But over time, I do think Juno could end up being a lap cat. She will make someone a wonderful pet!

Juno, foster cat
Juno’s Sunday Selfie entry.

We’re joining The Cat on My Head for the Sunday Selfies blog hop.

If you’re in the Los Angeles area, two-year-old Juno is available for adoption through Best Friends. Juno’s Profile Page

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36 thoughts on “A Cat Named Juno

  1. That is such a shame that Juno’s original family had to give her up. Just hearbreaking. Juno is lucky that you are fostering her. With your patience and understanding she will thrive. Also, what I love, is I am sure that whomever is interested in adopting her will be closely “vetted”……….what a sweet girl. Thank you for giving her such loving care!!! xoxo catchatwithcarenandcody

  2. It really is sad that Juno had a home but had to be returned to the shelter…..sounds like her medical issue was not a HUGE one and it was resolved easily. Bless her heart – I’m sure she loves her foster home with you but I will hope and pray that this pretty little panther girl gets her FOREVER soon. She’s a cutie…….

    Hugs, Angel Sam and Teddy

  3. We are always grateful for people who “properly” return a cat, rather than abandoning it somewhere. Juno looks like such a lovely cat. And lots of times, people aren’t looking necessarily for a lap cat — just loving companionship.

    1. Agreed, it’s much better that they returned her to BF so she could get the surgery she needed.

  4. I’m guessing her original family isn’t interested in her even though she’s healthy. At least through you and BF she has a shot at a forever home. Good luck. She’s a beauty.

  5. It’s so nice of you to foster beautiful Juno. I would think BF is sure to let people know she’s not a lap kitty so people that have that as a requirement know to look elsewhere. It’s clear, though, that she loves to be near humans and spend a lot of time with them. She’ll be a wonderful kitty for some lucky person. It’s so kind of you to help her.

  6. Juno is beautiful. I love panther cats. I hope she finds the perfect home. Only a couple of our cats over the years have been lap cats. Rosie is definitely a lap cat, but Moo Shu (our shy cat) is definitely not.

    Love the video. Rosie would love a rug like that.

  7. Wowzers! What a cutie pie Juno is! Its too bad her family had to gives her up. But medical costs can be so furry expensive…
    Wes will purray she gets the purrfect forever home soon!

  8. Juno is so kittenish and is learning so many things including socialization with all the others. Great job! Someone will be really lucky to get her especially after all she will have learned with you – including how to have awesome selfies!

  9. Juno is quite the beauty. We’re sorry her original family coudn’t keep her, but at least they did the right thing by returning her to Best Friends. We purr that the purrfect new family is found for her.

  10. What a pretty girl. I know it’s a bad habit to get into but maybe they should have let Juno’s family re-adopt her after the surgery if they really wanted her.

  11. This just breaks our hearts. Purrobably cuz we know all ’bout dat not bein’ able to affurd ‘spensive surgery. Fank da cats mommy had been not only da rescuer, and foster fur all her kitties, cuz she coulda never given any of them back to a rescue. these are those times when we think organizations should step up to help keep da kitty in da good and luvvin’ home it has by helpin’ with da surgery. ‘Stead, they want ’em back. Can you magine dat happenin’ with a 2 legged child? And yet, we want animals to have more rights??? Sorry, awnty Rachel, we just got flabbergasted by all this. We’re sharin’ Juno and hope she finds Luv again and can stay this time. Big hugs

    Luv ya’

    Dezi and Raena

    1. You make a very good point that some organizations can do more to help out. I don’t know the full background of Juno – only that she was returned before her surgery. Unfortunately, it could be that they just didn’t want her. I really don’t know. Either way, it’s a sad situation.

      1. Yeah, we realize dat. It’s just dat bein’ so poor, we automativally go to da thoughts dat we’ve heard so much. Ifin ya’ can’t afford blank, you shouldn’t have them. Y, mommy wouldn’t still be alive without us. And most likely neither would either of us. Fur sure sis Lexi woulda never had a life since da rescue wanted to kill her da day she was born. We just hate any time a furmily is broken apart cuz of money. We hope Juna finds more luv than she knows what to do with. Big hugs

        Luv ya’

        Dezi and Raena

  12. Juno is a real STAR. I’d take her in a heartbeat, but PauL reminds me that 9 is rather more than most people have……… (even if some of them earn their keep blogging!)

  13. Awww, Juno sounds like a real sweetie! It just breaks my heart when people have to give up their babies due to finances. It is such a hard situation, and I honestly believe that her former people did the most loving thing they could to make sure she got the care she needed. There are organizations that will help with medical expenses, but they are usually reserved for life-and-death situations. I wish more of them would focus on the non-emergency situations and day-to-day life. Everyone who loves their babies should be able to keep them, in my humble opinion. :)

    I hope Juno finds a wonderful home. In the meantime, I’m sure glad that she has you to love and take care of her!

  14. We bet Sophie is tons of fun to play with. Juno is such a beautiful girl. She seems to be adjusting really well and getting used to you and Ross. I bet it was tough on her old family – I can’t imagine being in the position to make a tough choice like that.

  15. Awwww Juno looks so gorgeous, we really hope she finds her furever home real soon, but in the meantime she’s got mew guys and that is so truly pawesome, thank mew!

    Bestest purrs

    Basil & Co xo

  16. Gosh, I wonder if Juno’s original family would want her back?!? There are programs for folks who need assistance with vet bills, so they don’t have to surrender their family member. Juno is lovely.

  17. What a beauty! And how lucky you are to have such an accepting foster critter family. My crew takes a very long time to adjust to newbies–so much so that they rarely interact with my fosters face to face. Even though your creatures may not want to play with Juno, they help you understand how Juno feels about other pets. And that’s incredibly valuable information.

    Jean from Welcome to the Menagerie

  18. So sad Juno was returned. That must have been very hard on her. I think it takes time to have faith again, but I think she feels safe with you. Hope she finds a furrever home just like yours. She deserves it. Good Luck Pawkisses are on the way ❤❤❤

  19. my local shelter has started a program where they will help people who can’t afford surgeries like that so that the owners can keep the cat in the home and not have to return them. I am a little surprised Best Friends hasn’t done something similar.

    I wish Juno all the best and hope a new family shows up soon.

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