Jackson Galaxy Foundation's Cat Pawsitive 2017 Class

Jackson Galaxy Foundation’s Cat Pawsitive 2017 Class

Today, the Jackson Galaxy Foundation (JGF) launches its sophomore Cat Pawsitive class! With nine participating shelters, led by four feline behavior experts, the 2017 class hopes to continue on with the success of the 2016 Cat Pawsitive initiative.

Jackson Galaxy Foundation

What is Cat Pawsitive?

According to founder Jackson Galaxy, “Cat Pawsitive is about awareness, enrichment, innovation, and increased adoption placement on a grassroots level. I know that the work done during this program will have a ripple effect, helping so many cats in need and the humans who care for them.”

The four Cat Pawsitive trainer-mentors (Miranda K. Workman, Samantha Bell DiGenova, Lisa Stemcosky and Sara Russell) will work with their assigned shelters during weekly trainings for the four-month program, which uses positive reinforcement clicker training. The program’s goals are about:

  • improving cat “adoptability”
  • enriching day-to-day life for cats in shelters
  • building feline social skills, especially for shy or fearful cats
  • promoting the human-cat bond
  • teaching and empowering animal shelter staff and volunteers
Jackson Galaxy bonding with a cat. Photo by Jeff Newton.

The Cat Pawsitive Shelters

The selected shelters range from small, limited-admission private shelters to large, open-admission municipal facilities. The Cat Pawsitive 2017 shelters are:

  • ACCT Philly (Animal Care & Control Team of Philadelphia, Philadelphia, PA)
  • Animal Friends (Pittsburgh, PA)
  • Baltimore County Animal Services (Baldwin, MD)
  • Cat Depot (Sarasota, FL)
  • Charleston Animal Society (North Charleston, SC)
  • Kansas City Pet Project (Kansas City, MO)
  • PAWS (Philadelphia Animal Welfare Society, Philadelphia, PA)
  • San Francisco Animal Care & Control (San Francisco, CA)
  • Seattle Area Feline Rescue (Shoreline, WA)

There’s no doubt that the staff and volunteers at each shelter are excited to get the training started and enrich the lives of their cats and improve their adoptability.

I’m excited to announce…

You may remember that I wrote about Cat Pawsitive last year and how I helped compile the results upon completion of the 2016 program.

Well, this year I am excited to be one of the Cat Pawsitive volunteer writers and you can check out my first post about trainer-mentor Samantha Bell DiGenova on the JGF website! Samantha is the Cat Behavior and Enrichment Lead at Best Friends Animal Society in Los Angeles. I will be sharing more about Samantha soon!

I will also be working with two of the shelters throughout the training program to interview the staff and volunteers to share updates and stories. The shelters I will be working with are San Francisco Animal Care & Control and Seattle Area Feline Rescue.

I know that Cat Pawsitive 2017 will follow in last year’s footsteps and be a huge success for the cats and the participating shelters. And I look forward to bringing you updates throughout the program!

You can follow the Jackson Galaxy Foundation via their website, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Have you ever clicker trained a cat?

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  1. I love Jackson Galaxy, he is one of the reasons we adopted Gatsby and then encouraged me through one of his you tube videos to get Earl. Glad to hear you taking part it sounds like fun.

  2. We love Jackson galaxy and what an amazing programme, thanks so much fur sharing!

    Sweetest purrs

    Basil & Co xox

  3. This is the first I’ve heard about this, and I’m delighted! Cannot wait to read more, about the program, the people who work with the cats and volunteers, and of course THE CATS!

  4. Last year I was a trainer for this initiative on the pilot program. Thrilled to hear that the program is continuing and may it continue to do so until every shelter has heard of positive reinforcement training for cats. I can attest that it does work as I saw it first hand!

  5. That’s so cool! Congrats! We have tried clicker training with Rosie and she will now sit, but that’s as far as we have gone with her. Looking forward to reading your posts.

  6. What a cool program! Cats don’t get nearly as much attention as dogs in shelters for enrichment and behavioral work, so this sounds like a great way to start something that would catch on across the country!

  7. That’s awesome, Rachel! We love Jackson Galaxy, and all he does for cats everywhere. Congratulations on being selected as one of the writers; looking forward to reading your posts and interviews! :)

  8. We love that guy and so COOL and with your mom as a writer is just double COOL🤗 We never have used a clicker. We know about this for doggies, but not for kitties. Good Luck Pawkisses to you all😊❤

  9. That sure sounds like a wonderful program and I so hope it is very successful. It would be so great to find a way for more cats and dogs to be adopted.