Foster Cat Emily Jane

Introducing Emily Jane! #FosterFriday

I’d like everyone to meet our new foster cat, Emily Jane! We picked her up last weekend and she’s doing very well.

Foster Cat Emily Jane

Emily Jane is quite the sweetheart. She follows me around my office, explores everything and has a big appetite. She is 1.5 years old, had a litter of five kittens and now just needs her forever home! She’s a petite girl at around 7 pounds.

She’s not a lap cat, but whenever I pick her up, she reaches up to my face with her paw and pulls me toward her, sometimes depositing a lick on my nose. How cute is that? She is also very easy to handle and doesn’t seem to be afraid of anything.

calico cat hiding
See what I mean about exploring? Can you spot Emily Jane?

Emily Jane and our resident cats are not friends yet. In fact, our cats have never made friends with any of our fosters. The first three barely tolerate our foster fail, Woodrow! But with that said, they can all be in the same room together with Emily Jane.

white cat peeking
Sophie is checking out the intruder who is lounging in her spot. How dare she!
Foster Cat Emily Jane
“Oh, is this your spot, Sophie? No savesies!”

And now for some former foster updates…

The Kittens Have Been Adopted!

Remember little Evergreen and Eskimo? They had their spay surgeries last month on September 19th. And both were adopted within a couple days after that! I’m not sure if they were adopted together, but yay for adoptions!

black and white kittens
Evergreen and Eskimo during foster.

A New Adventure for Juno

And does anyone remember our very first foster cat Juno? We fostered her back in March this year. Well, poor Juno was having a difficult time getting adopted. So, Best Friends in Los Angeles decided she’d be a good candidate to transfer to their sanctuary in Utah.

Juno made the trip (along with several other cats) to the sanctuary on September 25th. Yes, she’s still available for adoption. But until she is adopted, she will be enjoying life at the sanctuary with lots of other cats. Juno even gets to continue living with two of her roommate buddies from L.A. – Caesar and Cuddles.

Juno, foster cat
Juno during her time in foster with us.

I’m told that Juno has been renamed to Irby because they already had a Juno at the sanctuary. Irby is an odd name, but it somehow fits her. But she’ll always be Juno to me!

black cat
Juno in a community cat room at Best friends in L.A. during a visit to the shelter in April 2017.

That’s all I have for today! Hope everyone has a wonderful Friday and weekend.

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  1. Apparently Emily Jane is a tree dweller. I hope she finds a home quickly. I can’t believe no one adopted Juno/Irby yet.

  2. Concats on your new foster kitty; she’s adorable and a half! And YAY for adoptions, and Best Friends will treat Juno/Irby in the style befitting her beautifulness. Good news all ’round, and I love Emily Jane’s wee head peaking out up top! (oops, that’s a spoiler!)

    1. And OH! If you visit Michigan once a year, I’d love to meet you! In addition, The Island Cats cats blog and Cat Chat with Caren & Cody blog live here too; maybe we could all get together and trade bloggy stories.

  3. Emily is bootyful. And mommy had da awwwwwws over all those shelves. She said she needs on of those. We agree. When we saw where Emily was, we decided we neede to do dat too. MOL Big hugs

    Luv ya’

    Dezi and Raena

  4. How sweet is Emily Jane, I bet Sophie doesn’t think so at all. And one wonders why it’s so hard for Juno to find a home. She still looks like a Juno to me too. :)

  5. Emily Jane is a cutie, though it’s sad no one has adopted Juno yet, we’ll purray extra hard fur them both to get fab fur ever homes asap!

    Big hugs

    Basil and co xox

  6. The look on Sophie’s face is too much! She sure doesn’t look pleased with Emily Jane! Emily Jane is quite a beauty! Love reading the updates of some of your formal fosters.