If you’re interested in working with Three Chatty Cats, we’d love to hear from you! Inquiries can be sent to rachel@threechattycats.com.

Opportunities Include:

  • Product reviews and giveaways
  • Brand ambassadorships
  • Advertising and sponsorships

Why Work With Us?

Three Chatty Cats (and the Jr. Associates!) offers readers a bit of humor and entertainment. Our readers know each cat’s distinct personality and keep coming back for more. Whether it’s a lighthearted recap of the week’s happenings or a product review, we keep it fun and engaging for readers.

We also take pride in our photos and videos (examples below). So, why not put our skills to use and work with us? Our blog post will give you a shareable resource to refer to repeatedly.

What Brands Are Saying

The Cat Ball

“Rachel has created an impressive blog with engaging content. There’s a strong overall look as well as consistent branding across both the blog and her social media channels. As for the product review she created for The Cat Ball, I was happy with the post, not because her cats actually liked the product, but because she created a great blog post with quality photos and consistent content that kept to her blogging style. It looked good, was a fun read and full of information. I would work with Rachel again in a heartbeat.”

Jennifer Boaro
Founder of The Cat Ball

white cat in The Cat Ball

Smiling Paws Pets

“We’ve done two promotional write-ups with Rachel from Three Chatty Cats, both with fantastic outcomes. By dedicating her time and effort through unique content creation, Rachel has built an audience base that is both receptive and engaging. Reading through the comments on social media and her website gives us a better understanding of what prospective customers think about our products and where we can improve in future variations.

Two years from the first collaboration with Three Chatty Cats, some customers still hear about us for the first time through her website. And best of all, she is a great communicator, easy to work with and always leaves you with a smile on your face. Altogether, Three Chatty Cats is a fantastic community and we plan to continue to contact Rachel when we have any new products to promote.”

Victoria Davis
Co-Founder | Smiling Paws Pets

Smiling Paws Pets

Art of Paws

“We had the chance to work with Rachel and the Chatty Cats on a product review and giveaway. Her work is among our favorites for the engaging write-up and the high-quality photos. We are looking forward to our next collab with Rachel and the kitties.”

Maya Fleischer
Art of Paws
artofpaws.com | artofpaws.com.uk

Art of Paws

Award-Winning Blog

Not only do we connect with readers, but Three Chatty Cats is an award-winning blog for both writing and photography. Brands that work with us can rest assured they will receive high-quality content.

ThI’ve won 10 Muse Medallion awards from the Cat Writers’ Association for Best Humor/Entertainment Blog (3x), Best Humor/Entertainment Social Media (2x), Best Product Review (2x), Best Single Image Photography (2x), and Best Short Video (Educational/Informative). I have also won 27 CWA Certificate of Excellence awards.

Meet the Team

Want to meet the cats that you will be working with? Say hello to the Three Chatty Cats (Dexter, Olive and Sophie) and the Jr. Associates (Woodrow and Harley)!

Sample Photos

pet drinking fountain
white cat with Artful Kitty toys
MeowgicalBox stickers
white cat sitting in Sleepypod Mobile Pet Bed
tabby cat eating from elevated feeder
Siamese cat in 2-in-1 Cat Cube and Bed

Sample Videos

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