Chatty Cats: Sophie’s Dilemma

Happy Friday! The big news around here is that I took away the king-size comforter that the cats were using on the sofa chair. Being spring now, I thought it was a bit much. Sophie didn’t speak to me for a bit, but I did replace it with another (smaller) blanket. I didn’t hear a thank you.

Also, did you see our post about taking your cat to the vet yearly? If not, you can check it out here. Have a great weekend! Continue reading “Chatty Cats: Sophie’s Dilemma”

Chatty Cats: Watch Out!

Happy Friday! Spring has arrived, but we’re still having a big mix of weather. Lots of rain this week, then some sun breaks. And did you hear that there was a small tornado in the Los Angeles area this week? We’re nowhere near it, but that’s still a bit scary! Hope the weather is calmer in your area. Have a wonderful weekend! Continue reading “Chatty Cats: Watch Out!”

Chatty Cats: The Staredown

Happy Friday! Did everyone have a nice week? If you ask Dexter, Olive and Woodrow, the answer is no. They all went in for their annual wellness exams. I’ll write more about it later. Nothing too exciting, though. Sophie was home alone and probably felt left out. Wishing everyone a wonderful weekend! Continue reading “Chatty Cats: The Staredown”

Chatty Cats: Boring Dexter

Happy Friday! SNOW! We had snow here this week in Orange County, California…for about 1 minute anyway. I was on a Zoom call at the time and couldn’t get up to snap a photo or take a video. But it was fun to see it through the window. Hope you had a nice week! Continue reading “Chatty Cats: Boring Dexter”

Chatty Cats: Not My Cat!

Happy Friday! How’s the weather in your area? It seems to be making the news a lot lately. There are blizzard warnings here in Southern California, but not by me. We’re just expecting rain and cold. And even though cold only means in the 50s, I’m sure the cats will be in full-on cuddle mode. Have a wonderful weekend! Continue reading “Chatty Cats: Not My Cat!”

Chatty Cats: I Love You Forever

Happy Friday! We hope everyone had an excellent Valentine’s Day earlier this week. I shared a cute video of Sophie and Dexter on social that day. They are just the cutest little cuddlers. Below is a photo from that Valentine’s Day cuddle session. Wishing everyone a wonderful weekend! Continue reading “Chatty Cats: I Love You Forever”

Chatty Cats: Battle Wounds

Happy Friday! The sun came back this week, which was nice. No rain, but now we’re dealing with lots of wind. And in case you’re wondering, I didn’t feel the (minor) earthquake that happened midweek in Southern California. I imagine the cats did, though! Wishing everyone a wonderful weekend! Continue reading “Chatty Cats: Battle Wounds”