Is it play fighting or real fighting?

Dexter tackling SophieIf you have more than one cat in your house, then there’s a good chance you’ve witnessed a play session or two. There’s the running around while chasing each other type of play session. There’s the play session that involves batting a string or a fluffy ball back and forth. And then there’s the play session that involves wrestling – you know the kind – where one rears up on their hind legs, paws are flying between the two, and then it ends with a pounce-attack! Does that sound familiar?

Play fighting is both natural and good for your cats. It can be a bonding experience for them and it’s also good exercise! However, sometimes it may be difficult to decipher if it’s real fighting or just a friendly play fight. Here are some things that I’ve learned and witnessed while being a cat servant owner. Continue reading “Is it play fighting or real fighting?”