Meow Village

Meow Village logoToday we talk with Leslie Birrenkott, who is with Meow Village, an all-volunteer 501(c)3 rescue that is based in Aurora, Oregon. Leslie has been with the rescue for five years and is the group’s Development Director, a Board Member, and also does trapping and transporting activities.

Meow Village is a feral cat rescue, however they do take in stray, abandoned and abused cats. They have no physical shelter, but rather they use Continue reading “Meow Village”

How “Return to Field” is Saving Thousands of Lives

Linda Rodgers volunteers with several cat rescue organizations in the East San Francisco Bay Area of California, including a public animal services shelter.

At one of her favorite volunteer events called SNIP (spay, neuter impact program), Linda met the founder of Outcast Cat Help, who is the transfer partner that initiated a Return to Field (RTF) program at the local county shelter – which is how Linda came to be involved with RTF.

Being familiar with Trap Neuter Return (TNR), but having never heard of RTF before, I asked Linda Continue reading “How “Return to Field” is Saving Thousands of Lives”

Feral Cat Colony with Donna

Donna K. has been working with a colony of feral cats in Northeast Ohio for the last three months. And in those few short months, the 12 cats that she has been able to TNR are now happier and healthier. She still has a few more to go, but Donna is determined and committed to TNRing the rest of the group, along with providing continual care and food.

A conversation with Donna

How did you come into caring for the colony?
Driving by this area twice a day, I kept noticing what I thought was one white cat. I stopped to feed it and put out a shelter and that is when three came out of hiding. A few days later, I stopped and found the owner of the property/building and I inquired about the cats. He then told me there are about 12-14 cats. I have documented at least 21 cats living there. Continue reading “Feral Cat Colony with Donna”

Heaven Can Wait Animal Society


This week we will take a look at Heaven Can Wait Animal Society (HCWS). The group, who works with both cats and dogs, covers the Las Vegas area and the surrounding county in Nevada. Sharon Seltzer, one of the group’s founding members and volunteers, talks about HCWS and the work they do.

The HCWS mission statement: To eliminate companion animal suffering and pet overpopulation through aggressive spay/neuter, adoptions, community outreach programs, and education. (You can visit their website to learn about their 5-year plan as well.)

A conversation with Sharon

What year was HCWS founded?
We started meeting in January 2000 and applied for our 501(c)3 on March 15, 2000.

Why was HCWS started?
There were five original founders (including me), who are all local animal lovers. We started HCWS because Las Vegas was euthanizing 30,000 healthy adoptable dogs and cats each year and we wanted to put a stop to that. Our biggest efforts go to spay/neuter and TNR. Continue reading “Heaven Can Wait Animal Society”

SLU Campus Cat Coalition

SLU CCCSLU Campus Cat Coalition (CCC) was formed by a small group of students in October 2014 on the Southeastern Louisiana University campus. Comprised mostly of student volunteers and club members, they are a TNR group (Trap-Neuter-Return) focusing on ferals on campus and in the surrounding area. There are also a few faculty and community members involved. The group has performed rescues outside the city of Hammond, where the university is located, when a special situation arises. The CCC is currently in the process of becoming an official Southeastern Louisiana University campus organization.

Leyna W., one of the student founders of the CCC and the current president, says the group consists of individuals with different majors and interests, but “our love and compassion for the kitties is what we have in common.” Continue reading “SLU Campus Cat Coalition”