Sunday Selfies with the Ripple Rug

Ripple Rug logoSophie here! The Mama won the Ripple Rug at BlogPaws from the Cat Style Lounge that was hosted by Hauspanther. She had seen some pictures and videos circulating on the world wide web thingy and had even looked into ordering one. But when I started showing myself as a kitty who liked chewing on various rugs throughout the house, she decided against it. I used to get a fat lip from it, likely an allergy to the rubber on the bottom of the rugs, so she thought better about getting one. I get blamed for everything!

Anyway, the Mama was super excited to win the Ripple Rug. She figured she’d see how I did with it and maybe, just maybe, I would be over my obsession of chewing on rugs. So far so good! Continue reading “Sunday Selfies with the Ripple Rug”