Chatty Cats: Harley Takes the Blame

Happy Friday! Did everyone have a nice week? Nothing too exciting over here. Well, except for when our power went out briefly Wednesday evening. It rarely ever happens, but it’s a good reminder about how fortunate we are to have reliable electricity! It’s also interesting how quiet it gets when the entire neighborhood is without power. We hope you had a good week and we’re wishing you a wonderful weekend! Continue reading “Chatty Cats: Harley Takes the Blame”

Chatty Cats: Changes, Videos and More!

Happy Friday! Today’s “Chatty Cat” post is our 222nd one in the series! It’s been a good run, but I’m looking to change up these Friday posts. I still plan to post on Fridays, but it won’t be a recap of the week’s happenings.

I’ve been posting more videos on social media, and I don’t feel it works as well here on the blog (taller video format, copyright issues because of music, etc). So, if you want to see all of our content – chats and videos – be sure to follow us on Instagram or Facebook. I know some of you don’t do social media, so I plan to post other content here each Friday.

But one last time – here’s what the cats were up to this week! Continue reading “Chatty Cats: Changes, Videos and More!”

Chatty Cats: Biscuits, Sunpuddles and More!

Happy Friday! We had a bit of a hot week here but nothing unbearable. We’re looking forward to a nice July 4th weekend, though, with slightly cooler temps. We hope you have a nice weekend!

Here’s what the cats were up to this week! Continue reading “Chatty Cats: Biscuits, Sunpuddles and More!”

Chatty Cats: Gotchas, Treats and More!

Happy Friday! We celebrated another Gotcha Day this week – Dexter’s! We found him 12 years ago. Here’s the obligatory kitten photo. He was quite tiny, and you can see that he had a cut on his upper lip that turned into a scar. Dexter has definitely grown into a handsome mancat.

gray and white tabby kitten

Here’s what the cats were up to this week! Continue reading “Chatty Cats: Gotchas, Treats and More!”

Chatty Cats: Gotchas, Oopsies and More!

Happy Friday! We celebrated Olive’s 11th Gotcha Day this week! And in honor of our tortie lady, please enjoy this video from the first night we found her. (I know, I know – we weren’t knowledgable pet parents back then and didn’t separate Dexter and Olive. But it turned out okay.) And a special appearance from Eddie! Continue reading “Chatty Cats: Gotchas, Oopsies and More!”