Getting through Halloween with your cat (tips from Sophie!)

Sophie here! Listen up cats and kittens! I’m not sure if you’re a kitty who loves Halloween or not, but I have some tips that are sure to get you through the upcoming ghoulish day and night.

1) Don’t make it easy for costume fittings

Are you a cat who loves to dress up? Then I personally think you’re a rarity. In our household, none of us like to be dressed up, so we have to remind the Mama of that and not cooperate during costume fittings. I recommend giving the measuring tape a good ol’ chomp or whap!


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Yin Yang Kitty Bros: Leeroy and Finn

If you’re on Instagram and you’re a cat lover (who isn’t), then you should be following the Yin Yang Kitty Brothers known as Leeroy and Finn! Not only is the adopted duo adorable, but the human behind them, cat mom Julie Coker, takes beautiful photos of the pair. Let’s meet them now!

Sophie Interviews Leeroy and Finn

Sophie: Hello and meow! I’m very excited to be conducting my first kitty interview. Are you boys excited? Continue reading “Yin Yang Kitty Bros: Leeroy and Finn”

Meet Sophie

Name: Sophie (female)
Date of Birth: May 29, 2014 (approximately)
Date of Rescue: November 29, 2014
Likes: FOOD! And FOOD!
Dislikes: Nothing
Known for: Stealing straws, stealing bottle caps, terrorizing poor Olive, being the goofball of the family

Rescue story: It was just another night out at the movies for humans Rachel and Ross. Rachel went to take a pre-movie bathroom break at the movie theater and saw a security guard standing outside the glass door with a white kitten circling at his feet. Continue reading “Meet Sophie”

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