Army of Ferals

I’d like to introduce you to Eric and Estyr, the duo behind Army of Ferals (AOF), a TNR team that officially started in 2014, but who have been rescuing and TNRing for quite some time. They operate out of San Joaquin County in California and cover Manteca, Stockton and the city of Tracy – and pretty much any other random place where they happen to see a cat in need.

The husband and wife team offer much more than just TNR for feral cats. They feed them every day, provide outside cat homes when possible, take them in for vet visits when needed, and anything else they can do to make them feel comfortable. Eric and Estyr share equal parts in the responsibility of running AOF, and Continue reading “Army of Ferals”

Rescuer Amanda Whitman: 500 felines and counting!

Amanda Whitman is quite the extraordinary cat rescuer and has touched the lives of so many cats in a short amount of time. Residing in Southern West Virginia and currently a Junior at the University of Charleston, Amanda is a pre-professional biology major, hoping to attend vet school soon. With no plans of stopping her cat rescuing efforts, Amanda is in the process of becoming a 501(c)3 rescue.

A conversation with Amanda

Amanda WhitmanHow did you get into rescuing? 
I first started rescuing on February 1st, 2015. I saw on the Facebook page of a rescue group that eight cats were in our local high-kill pound awaiting euthanasia. I looked at their heartbreaking photos and said to myself this isn’t the end for them. I contacted two rescue groups, who agreed to help me by each rescue taking four cats. I haven’t stopped since Continue reading “Rescuer Amanda Whitman: 500 felines and counting!”

Save the Cats Arizona

Terry Solano is a Board Member and Volunteer & Sanctuary Coordinator for Save the Cats Arizona and has been with the rescue for five and a half years. Founded in 2006 by Donald Bloom, the 501(c)3 sanctuary is based in Gilbert, AZ. The rescue has taken cats in from all over the Phoenix Valley, but they normally rescue cats within the Gilbert/Mesa area.

Save the Cats Arizona

Save the Cats Arizona Mission Statement
Save the Cats Arizona is a no-kill cat rescue and cage-free sanctuary. Our mission is to Continue reading “Save the Cats Arizona”

Cats Protection, Preston Branch

Cats Protection, Preston Branch is a registered charity that rescues and rehomes stray and abandoned cats and kittens in the UK. Founded in 1985, the Preston Branch was started by a small group of volunteers as part of the national charity Cats Protection.

As stated on their website, the aims of their group include:

  1. To rescue stray and unwanted cats and kittens and rehabilitate and rehome them where possible
  2. To encourage the neutering of cats and kittens
  3. To inform the public on the care of cats and kittens

In 2015, Cats Protection, Preston Branch neutered over 2,000 cats.

Laura, PR and Media Consultant for the group, has been with the Preston Branch for just over a year and shares more about their charity. Continue reading “Cats Protection, Preston Branch”

The Importance of TNR

So far on Three Chatty Cats I have tried to highlight the positive side of rescuing by presenting cat rescue groups, foster parents, people who use their photography talents and those who do TNR. But rescuing cats and kittens isn’t always bright and cheery. And today’s post highlights the importance of TNR – and how it doesn’t always work out for kittens born to feral cats.

When I was in contact with SLU Campus Cat Coalition regarding their profile, Leyna shared with the me the story of two kittens, who sadly did not make it. And to reiterate the importance of TNR, I would like to share with you those two stories now. Although this is a somber post, I feel it is valuable to share. So, here is the story of Sundae and Button, who have both crossed the rainbow bridge. Continue reading “The Importance of TNR”

Patricia H. Ladew Foundation

Susan Whittred, Director and Veterinarian at Patricia H. Ladew Foundation, Inc., has been with the Foundation for 13 years. Located in Oyster Bay, New York, the Ladew Foundation is a 501(c)3 cat sanctuary and their mission is: Reducing animal suffering by providing housing for homeless cats, sterilizing stray and feral cats to reduce overpopulation and by providing necessary medical treatment for unowned cats.

What makes the sanctuary unique from other rescues/shelters is that the Ladew cats live in a home-like atmosphere with outdoor runs so that they have a nice place to wait while they are in between homes. It’s run by a veterinarian, so the group is able to cater to medical needs as they arise.

Continue reading “Patricia H. Ladew Foundation”

A goal is set…

…and it requires your help! But first, a little background.

When I started Three Chatty Cats in January this year, I had no idea what I was doing. I just knew that I loved cats, enjoyed writing and thought a blog focused on cats would be a fun thing to do. (And it is!)

But after starting the blog, I quickly realized that I was drawn to cat rescues and anyone doing their part to help cats in need – be it an entire animal rescue group, a single person doing TNR efforts, a foster parent or someone who simply rescued a cat off the street. With all of the bad in the world and all of the kitties out there suffering, I feel it’s important to highlight the good – because there is so much good out there, too – and to showcase groups and people who live their lives devoted to cats and animals in general. Continue reading “A goal is set…”

Ohio Alleycat Resource

Ohio Alleycat ResourceOhio Alleycat Resource (OAR) started in 1998 when a group of citizens came together to form an organization that embraced TNR as a humane method of controlling populations of stray and feral cats. They also established a small animal rescue to find homes for tame cats/kittens that they came across through their TNR efforts.

Based in Ohio, the group covers Cincinnati, OH and Northern, KY as well as parts of Indiana. Sloane Lee, who is the Shelter Director, has been with the group since October 2015. Sloane’s role with the rescue includes overseeing the daily operations, managing intake, pulling cats/kittens from euthanasia lists at county shelters, managing their Facebook page, and more. Continue reading “Ohio Alleycat Resource”

The Devoted Barn

The Devoted BarnThe Devoted Barn, while not solely a cat rescue, is an amazing animal shelter that you must read about! A project of Devoted Friends Animal Society, The Devoted Barn is a 501(c)3 that started in 2013. While they specialize in working with feral dogs, they take in animals of any kind that are from extreme cruelty/neglect/large scale hoarding situations. Based in Newport, Michigan, The Devoted Barn rescues animals from all over the United States. They are both shelter and foster based.

Melissa Borden, founder and owner of The Devoted Barn, cares for everything from dogs and cats to horses and pigs – and so much in between (like llamas, sheep, pigs and bunnies!). This wonderful organization was voted Shelter of the Year by the Westminster Dog Show last month.

From The Devoted Barn website: These animals come to The Devoted Barn to heal both physically and emotionally. They learn to trust and love again, or for the first time, with the help of at risk youth and special needs adults who come to work at the barn. In addition to helping the animals, our mission is to Continue reading “The Devoted Barn”

Heaven Can Wait Animal Society


This week we will take a look at Heaven Can Wait Animal Society (HCWS). The group, who works with both cats and dogs, covers the Las Vegas area and the surrounding county in Nevada. Sharon Seltzer, one of the group’s founding members and volunteers, talks about HCWS and the work they do.

The HCWS mission statement: To eliminate companion animal suffering and pet overpopulation through aggressive spay/neuter, adoptions, community outreach programs, and education. (You can visit their website to learn about their 5-year plan as well.)

A conversation with Sharon

What year was HCWS founded?
We started meeting in January 2000 and applied for our 501(c)3 on March 15, 2000.

Why was HCWS started?
There were five original founders (including me), who are all local animal lovers. We started HCWS because Las Vegas was euthanizing 30,000 healthy adoptable dogs and cats each year and we wanted to put a stop to that. Our biggest efforts go to spay/neuter and TNR. Continue reading “Heaven Can Wait Animal Society”