Three Chatty Cats Get Chatty

This past week, I shared a photo on Facebook and Instagram every day of the week. While I do post occasionally on both platforms, I’ve never made an effort to post consistently. I know that many folks follow us strictly on Instagram. And maybe we have a follower or two who only knows us on Facebook. I’d like to engage with those people more often and really show off how chatty the Three Chatty Cats are (five cats now, but you get the idea). Continue reading “Three Chatty Cats Get Chatty”

Flashback Friday Photo Fun!

As I’m sure you realize, this Flashback Friday post is just an excuse to share cute cat photos. I thought it would be fun to show each cat during their first week in our house. The change is clearly more noticeable with the original Three Chatty Cats, as we found them each in various stages of kittenhood. Continue reading “Flashback Friday Photo Fun!”