Adoption Tails: Mishu D’ Lion & Hazel Rain

In the second post of the Adoption Tails series, we visit the topic of wanting a specific breed of cat – but that doesn’t necessarily mean you can’t choose adoption.

I’d like to introduce you to Kathleen J., who lives in Westchester, New York. Her story shows how the loss of one brave and lovely cat saved the life of another – through adoption. (Please have tissues on standby.)

The Story of Mishu D’ Lion & Hazel Rain

By Kathleen J.
Edited by Three Chatty Cats

Part 1: Mishu D’ Lion

To tell you about Hazel Rain, I first have to tell you about Mishu D’ Lion, who came into my life when Continue reading “Adoption Tails: Mishu D’ Lion & Hazel Rain”

The Lowdown and Dirty on Declawing

Declawing, a.k.a. onychectomy, is a very heated and controversial topic. In honor of Declaw Awareness Day (March 29th), I want to do just that – raise awareness about what declawing is and its harmful effects on cats. I can only assume that the majority of cat owners who have the elective procedure performed on their cats simply don’t understand what is actually involved with the surgery, hence Declaw Awareness Day!

Problems with Declawing

Here are some snippets I’ve grabbed from the wonderful worldwide web. I hope, hope, hope that someone considering declawing does their own thorough research and then realizes why they should not declaw their cat. Continue reading “The Lowdown and Dirty on Declawing”