The Wonderful World of Blogging

In three days, I will officially have had my blog for three months. I’m still quite a newbie in the blogging world, but I feel so welcomed and supported by those that I’ve met (virtually) and hope to meet in person at the BlogPaws 2016 Conference in June! While the majority of my new-found blogging comrades are within the pet blogging world, I have also enjoyed getting to know non-pet bloggers as well. Pet or not, bloggers are certainly a supportive group of people and a great community to be a part of.

One of the pleasures I’ve had while blogging is Continue reading “The Wonderful World of Blogging”

Liebster Award Nomination

Liebster AwardI’ve been nominated for the Liebster Award, which I had never heard of – and chances are if you’re not a blogger, you’ve never heard of it either. I immediately Googled it and found a very informative post about it. From what I gather, the awards that go around in the blogging world are to help recognize and get to know fellow bloggers. The Liebster Award is geared toward new bloggers.

It appears that some see award nominations as an inconvenience – just another thing to have to do. The post I read equated blogging awards to a chain letter. Of course you don’t have to “accept” the nomination and follow the outlined steps. But for me, why not? It’s a good way to get to know my fellow bloggers, and I by no means will hold it against any of my nominees if they choose to ignore it. The hardest part about this for me will be sharing 11 interesting facts. I don’t talk about myself often; I’d rather talk about cats! But here goes… Continue reading “Liebster Award Nomination”