The Kittens Have Left the Building

Well, I’m disappointed to let you know that we took the kittens back to Best Friends yesterday. They weren’t gaining weight and had little interest in food. And during this critical development time, it’s important that they are gaining each day. The kittens are six weeks old, but they are the weight of four-week-old kittens.

foster kittens in their playpen
The kittens in their playpen. That’s Larry watching over them.

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Home Again: A Foster Cat’s Adoption Story #FosterFriday

cat silhouetteDear Mama,

Hi, it’s me, Harley. I’m happy to tell you that I’m finally home. It’s a different home…but it is a home. I know you’ve been worrying about me this past year. I’ve been worried, too. But I found a nice home to live in and I like the new humans very much.

It was a bit dicey there for a while, wasn’t it? Can you believe that I was adopted twice last year and returned both times? Living in those temporary homes was nothing like living with you and Pa. You two were the bestest that I could’ve ever asked for. I only wish we’d had more time together…eight years just wasn’t enough. After Pa died, I didn’t think I could be any sadder. But you warned me, Mama. You said you were getting up there in age and you might have to go keep Pa company. I really thought we’d be together forever. But sometimes forever doesn’t last. Continue reading “Home Again: A Foster Cat’s Adoption Story #FosterFriday”

Meet the Fosters LA!

The wonderful world of social media allows us to “meet” people that we never would in person – across countries and continents. Recently, one Instagram account caught my eye, and that was Meet_the_FostersLA. I followed the account because of 1) fostering, of course, and 2) the beautiful photography!

I reached out to the human behind the account and asked which organization she fosters for. And what a small world it is…Christina G. fosters kittens for Best Friends Animal Society in Los Angeles –  the same rescue that I foster for! Continue reading “Meet the Fosters LA!”

Blog the Change for Animals – Fostering Cats #BtC4A

Blog the Change for AnimalsBlog the Change for Animals (#BtC4A) is a quarterly opportunity for bloggers to post about an animal-related cause that is near and dear to that blogger’s heart. For today’s post, I will talk about the concerns I had prior to fostering — and why none of them ended up mattering! My hope is that this may inspire someone else to begin fostering cats. 

Prior to starting last year, I had wanted to foster cats for a while. I finally took the plunge in March 2017. Like many who probably are hesitant to start fostering, my main concern was worrying about my own resident cats. Would fostering disrupt their life in unspeakable ways? Would they hate me? Would they hate the foster cat? Would they hate the world?!? Continue reading “Blog the Change for Animals – Fostering Cats #BtC4A”

Hero Harley #FosterFriday

Happy Friday, everyone! I wanted to drop in to let you know that we’re still trying to find foster cat Harley the perfect forever home.

I also wanted to share this little tidbit that I learned about him this week…not only is he one of the sweetest cats, but Harley is also a hero! Continue reading “Hero Harley #FosterFriday”