A Dramatic Dexter Takes His Sunday Selfies

Some readers may know that Dexter is the shyest of the three chatty cats. But did you know he’s also the most dramatic? As depicted in his latest Sunday Selfies.

Dexter said to me, “Ma, I’m going close today.”

Me: “What do you mean?”

Dexter: “I’m doing an extreme close-up today. Gonna show all my good sides.”

Dexter sets the camera timer and prepares his pose.

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Dexter…and a couple of other things

Dexter is the cat who started it all for me. I had cats growing up but became pretty allergic as a teen. In college, I tried volunteering with cats and would always end up in a horrible sneezing fit, eyes watering, you know the deal. I never thought I’d have a cat as an adult. We were a dog household and that’s what I thought we’d always be. But when we found Dexter as a stray in the California desert on a scorching afternoon, we thought we’d give it a go and see how it went. As you can tell, it went quite well! (You can read how Dexter came to live with us in this post here.)

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