Secret Paws!

We hope everyone had a nice Christmas. We sure did – especially the cats, due to the awesome Secret Paws presents they received from none other than the famous Stunning Keisha! The cats couldn’t believe that such a cool cat sent them so many Christmas goodies. Thank you to Cathy Keisha and The Woman!

Let’s see what the cats thought of their presents.

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Secret Paws!

Woodrow here! This Christmas was my first one with my new family! And I was very excited to participate in my first Secret Paws, too! Dexter, Olive, Sophie and I were thrilled when we saw the big package arrive. We couldn’t wait to tear into it!

But before we show you all the wonderful presents, we’d like to say a very big thank you to our new kitty friends over at Cheshire Loves Karma! And thank you to mom Robin as well! Continue reading “Secret Paws!”

Secret Paws!

Sophie here! The Mama finally let us open our Secret Paws presents. We had been sniffing the box and wrapped presents for what seemed like ages. And when we finally got at ‘em, we weren’t disappointed.

We would like to say a very big thank you to our new kitty friend Samantha and her mom Chandra from Life from a Cat’s Perspective for picking out the awesome toys and treats!

We hope that everyone had a wonderful holiday filled with lots of love (and catnip)! Continue reading “Secret Paws!”