Chatty Cats: Popcorn, Gotcha Day and More!

We had an important anniversary this past week. No, not our 3rd blogoversary (although that happened, too). But rather we celebrated Harley’s 1st Gotcha Day on Tuesday! Harley joined our house in November 2017 as a foster cat. We made his appointment to a Chatty Cat official on January 22, 2018. Harley continues to grow and blossom every day. As for this month’s development, he has decided that he likes to lay on my chest…all the time.

Here’s what the cats were chatting about this past week.

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Three Chatty Cats Turns Three!

Put on your party hats because today is our third blogoversary! It’s been a fun year for us here at Three Chatty Cats (and the Jr. Associates), and what better way to celebrate our third year than by taking a look back at some of our happenings and highlights.

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Chatty Cats: Shadows, Cuddles and More!

We’ve arrived at another Friday! Raise your paw if you’re happy about that (all paws raised here!). It’s been a very rainy week here in Southern California. I don’t mind the rain and certainly welcome it to help with drought conditions. But our poor dog Eddie hates the rain, so it’s been a tough week for him. I think he wishes he had an indoor litter box.

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The Humans Go On Vacation

Since the cats have been grumbling about it nonstop, you may know that we (the humans) recently went on vacation. Where did we go, you ask? Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida! I thought it would be fun to share some of our vacation photos – and show you some of the cats we saw while on vacation. Continue reading “The Humans Go On Vacation”

Chatty Cats: Vacation, Cat Sitter and More!

Happy Friday! We returned from vacation on Wednesday and the cats were happy about that. Harley poo’d in my office chair to show me just how happy he was. I’ll be posting about our trip next week to show you the “cats” we encountered. Stay tuned!

About the daily photos this past week…Someone on Instagram asked if the cat sitter was taking the photos while I was away. Usually, the photos are taken the actual day that I post them on social media. But I wanted to plan in advance and took this past week’s photos before I left. However, the cat sitter did take and send me the photos of Sophie with the curtain.

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