Chatty Cats: Dexter’s Urgent Request

Happy Friday! Yesterday I received a very nice note on Instagram. A brand new follower direct messaged me to say that they were having a pretty bad day – but then started scrolling through my posts and that I single-handedly made their day better.

I love sharing my cats with the world and I know that they’ve touched many hearts, whether or not people tell me. But hearing something like that directly really makes all the time and effort that I put into posting worth it. And their comment of course made my day!

Also, a big thank you to all of you blog readers! Your comments always brighten my day and I love that you take the time to follow along on our ever-evolving cat journey. Hugs to you all! Now, back to the cats.

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Chatty Cats: Woodrow’s Gotcha Day

Happy Friday! Today is Woodrow’s 5th Gotcha Day! We fostered Woodrow (then Lion) in 2017 for a couple of months before deciding we couldn’t give him up. He became the first Jr. Associate on August 12, 2017. And now, as you know, we affectionately refer to Woodrow as the Lovable Dum Dum.

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Chatty Cats: Woodrow’s Box Troubles

Happy Friday! So, a quick story before getting to today’s post. I published a non-Friday post earlier this week, which I rarely do. I use a template for my Friday posts where I grab some formatted copy and paste it into a new post. So, I pasted in “Happy Friday,” which my father-in-law pointed out after it was published. I thanked him and updated it to “Happy Wednesday.” I realized two hours later it was only Tuesday. I guess it already felt like a long week.

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Chatty Cats: Changes, Videos and More!

Happy Friday! Today’s “Chatty Cat” post is our 222nd one in the series! It’s been a good run, but I’m looking to change up these Friday posts. I still plan to post on Fridays, but it won’t be a recap of the week’s happenings.

I’ve been posting more videos on social media, and I don’t feel it works as well here on the blog (taller video format, copyright issues because of music, etc). So, if you want to see all of our content – chats and videos – be sure to follow us on Instagram or Facebook. I know some of you don’t do social media, so I plan to post other content here each Friday.

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Chatty Cats: Biscuits, Sunpuddles and More!

Happy Friday! We had a bit of a hot week here but nothing unbearable. We’re looking forward to a nice July 4th weekend, though, with slightly cooler temps. We hope you have a nice weekend!

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