Dexter…and a couple of other things

Dexter is the cat who started it all for me. I had cats growing up but became pretty allergic as a teen. In college, I tried volunteering with cats and would always end up in a horrible sneezing fit, eyes watering, you know the deal. I never thought I’d have a cat as an adult. We were a dog household and that’s what I thought we’d always be. But when we found Dexter as a stray in the California desert on a scorching afternoon, we thought we’d give it a go and see how it went. As you can tell, it went quite well! (You can read how Dexter came to live with us in this post here.)

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Photo Fun Friday with Olive

Olive here! I’ve finally taken over the blog from that Sophie, who thinks everything belongs to her. Well, it doesn’t! I lived with the Moms and Pops first (if you don’t count Dexter, and I never do), so the humans are mine! Sophie came three years later, which is three years too late to claim anything!

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