Combining Your Passions and Talents to Create High-Quality Content

If you think about what inspired you to start blogging, the clear answer for most pet bloggers would likely be their pets. And that’s no different for me. My cats inspired me to start Three Chatty Cats a little over two years ago.

To go a step further, I’d say that it’s my combined passion for cats, writing and photography that inspired my blog. But are those three passions enough to sustain a blog? Perhaps not. So, let’s go one level deeper…

While my core passions lit the internal spark to create a blog, it’s really my interests, skills and innate talents combined with those passions that truly allow me to create high-quality content for Three Chatty Cats.

If you look at your own blogging journey, perhaps you’ll find it’s the same for you.

BlogPaws Disclosure

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Thankful Sunday Selfies

We here at Three Chatty Cats have a lot to be thankful for. So for our Sunday Selfies, we thought we’d pass along our thanks.

Handmade Toys are the Best

First off, a big thank you to Auntie Ellen – I mean the Tooth Fairy – over at 15 and Meowing for sending our little Olive some toys after her dental surgery, which I wrote about earlier. Ellen sent so many toys that Olive agreed to share some of them with foster cat Juno, who was excited to do her first ever Sunday Selfie!

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Giving Back with Door Buddy (and a giveaway!)

One of the great things about attending BlogPaws is getting to know the person behind a company. When I met Shanelle Johnson last month at the conference, we happened to be sitting at the same breakfast table. We struck up a conversation, and I didn’t know at the time that I had her company’s product sitting in one of my swag bags, compliments of the Cat Writer’s Association (CWA).

Shanelle and her husband Scott Johnson started their company Wittle LLC, with their product, Door Buddy, launching in October 2015. While they have a great and unique product, what also struck me about their company is that they are committed to giving back. Continue reading “Giving Back with Door Buddy (and a giveaway!)”

BlogPaws Pictures, Swag and Giveaway!

The shirts the Mama wore.

Sophie here! The Human Lady Mama returned from the BlogPaws conference on Sunday, after being away for about one year. (Yeah, I’m pretty sure it was one year in kitty time.) I hid in the closet when she came back, though. That dog they call Eddie went ballistic downstairs, so I got a little scared and wouldn’t come out right away.

But look at how brave Dexter and Olive were! They wanted to see all of the goodies that the Mama brought back. And it sure was a lot! So many goodies that the Mama is giving some to one lucky reader and donating the rest to Continue reading “BlogPaws Pictures, Swag and Giveaway!”

Dexter…and a couple of other things

Dexter is the cat who started it all for me. I had cats growing up but became pretty allergic as a teen. In college, I tried volunteering with cats and would always end up in a horrible sneezing fit, eyes watering, you know the deal. I never thought I’d have a cat as an adult. We were a dog household and that’s what I thought we’d always be. But when we found Dexter as a stray in the California desert on a scorching afternoon, we thought we’d give it a go and see how it went. As you can tell, it went quite well! (You can read how Dexter came to live with us in this post here.)

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Photo Fun Friday with Olive

Olive here! I’ve finally taken over the blog from that Sophie, who thinks everything belongs to her. Well, it doesn’t! I lived with the Moms and Pops first (if you don’t count Dexter, and I never do), so the humans are mine! Sophie came three years later, which is three years too late to claim anything!

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