Kitty Close-up: Angel in The Netherlands

Angel volunteers at her local animal shelter in The Netherlands and takes beautiful pictures of the cats and kittens who are waiting for their forever homes. She takes several pictures of each cat and selects her favorite two or three shots. Angel then gives those pictures to the shelter and they can choose which one to use for their database and website. She photographs two to three times a week at the shelter.


A Conversation with Angel

What is the shelter like? 
The shelter helps a lot of different animals like cats, dogs, (pet) birds, rabbits, hamsters, etc. The animals can stay at the shelter as long as they need to find a forever home. There is no time limit and Continue reading “Kitty Close-up: Angel in The Netherlands”

Urban Feline with Andrés Zepeda

I first learned of the company Urban Feline, Inc. while watching the morning news one Saturday. They were covering a local pet expo and Andrés Zepeda, the president of the company, was being interviewed about his products and furniture for cats.

But what really caught my attention was the work that Andrés has done with shelters by donating furniture and offering free repair services if they ever need something fixed. He also volunteers by offering feline therapy at various shelters and a local cat café to overcome adoption challenges. Andrés says, “Providing distressed animals with a healing touch is by far the most rewarding part of what I do.”

Urban Feline is based in Chula Vista, California and incorporated in 2010. Their ultimate goal is to Continue reading “Urban Feline with Andrés Zepeda”