Chatty Cats: BFFs, Expectations and More!

Welcome to another edition of our weekly chats! Nothing super exciting happened around the house this week, well, besides Sophie bringing a cockroach inside from the catio. Ugh. Don’t worry, he made it back outside alive. I also saw a tailless lizard outside, so I hope that’s the one that Sophie had the tail of. Another ugh. Anything exciting happen around your house this week? Continue reading “Chatty Cats: BFFs, Expectations and More!”

Sunday Selfies from Our Catio!

Sophie here! Guess what? Mama had a catio installed this past week! If you needed to find any of us cats, that’s likely where we were. Well, except for Harley. I heard him grumbling something about too many cats in the catio. I wonder if that’s like too many cooks in the kitchen.

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Three Chatty Cats and the Jr. Associates

Well, it’s that time! What time is that, you ask? Time to give the ol’ blog a refresh! As readers know, I had three cats when I first started this blog – hence Three Chatty Cats.

However, we’ve since adopted two cats, so we now have five cats in the house. I decided it was finally time to give Woodrow and Harley their due on the blog.

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