Pet Hydration – what you need to know! #pethydrationmonth

Pet Hydration MonthOlive here! I’m dropping in today to let you know just how important it is for us kitties to keep hydrated. Did you know that July is Pet Hydration Month? Well, it is! And PetSafe® Brand wants all humans to know what dehydration symptoms to watch for as well as tips to keep pets properly hydrated.

So, come on, let’s find out together! And stay tuned for our giveaway at the end of the post!

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Dexter’s Do-Good Wednesdays

Hello, it’s Dexter. I told Mom that I was finally ready to have my own series on the blog. And that I wanted to focus on doing good. So, here I am today with my first Do-Good Wednesday post. I may not be here every Wednesday, but if there’s something I’d like to share, you can bet I’ll drop in with it!

tabby cat
Are you ready to start doing good with me?

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What’s mine is not yours! #tortietalktuesday

Olive here! I have a bone to pick with my bratty sister Sophie. So, you remember my new box that I told you about earlier? How Mom made it for me after my other box got too old and dirty? That’s right…she made it for me. Not Sophie!

As a reminder, this is me in the new box. (Look how good I look in it.)

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